Sunday, August 20, 2017

I am "Vacation" cursed!

I'm not even kidding.

It happens every time without fail!

I'm to the point that I don't know if I need a Re-Vacation, like a do over or if I should just give up any traveling over a two hour drive because that seems to be our "trigger point"! Two freakin' hours and after that it is doomed!

Under the circumstances of our living arrangements, you would think a two hour away trip would be like going to Disneyland! Well, so did I!

Before I get into this last weekend get away let me re-cap the South Point, Ohio softball tournament trip at the end of July.
Originally, we(ME) were planning a weekend stay-cation to a little lake resort guessed it, two hours away in Lathem, Ohio.
We were trying to plan dates, save money, make sure EVERYONE had those days off, etc.
Well, then our Dynasty girls kept winning, and won all the way to a place at state...the SAME weekend we had pre-planned our trip.
So, re arrange to a trip to a different spot...two hours away!
Now, one kid doesn't want to go because that is boyfriend's birthday weekend.
So, down 1 kid + boyfriend...
We head out to State tournament...
Nightmare from the beginning!
Our hotel SUCKED!!!
I'm talking middle of demo/rehab, no pool, no continental breakfast, no clean towels...I could go on and on.
Then due to a huge lack of communication and us being at a different hotel as the rest of the team(another story), we didn't know D #2 had to be to the field 3 hours before her game, so when we do find out, and we are already late! Sean decides to get us there...faster, going 83 in a 55mph zone!
So, that cost us $216!!!!! Obviously, we(ME) hadn't put THAT in the budget! So, everyone is stressed, tired, aggravated. The rest of the trip was spent either giving each other the silent treatment or just being snarky at each other and hating everything! Not to mention I had had the WORST toothache in history all weekend and lived off of liquids, Orajel and ibuprofen.

Now, on to this weekend!
I thought finally! FINALLY!
We are going to Kentucky! Oh my glorious Kentucky!
My little cousin turned 3 years old and I ALWAYS try to make it this ONE weekend out of the year!

So, we ALL get to go. All 3 of my kiddies with us!! Super YEA!
I've got the plan, I've got the budget, I've got it all packed, loaded. Car gassed up, hotel ready!
On the road!!!
Sweet Bliss...or as blissful as it gets with Sean driving and me navigating.
Friday we head out!
Traffic wasn't horrible, everyone is rested, fed and content!
Hotel was great(other than pool down for maintenance).
Saturday we head out early enough to run by the store , head over to cousin house. Visit awhile before party, see/play with chickens, etc. then follow everyone to the party...
Go to leave hotel...
Our car won't start...OUR CAR WON'T START!
Nope, just a click...
Get a jump, good to go...
Get to store, run in and spend $24 on nonsense!
Come out...
Click, click....
Car won't start
So, Sis to the rescue, new battery...
We're out $120
$120  for a battery to our 2008 Dodge mini van...
This ain't no joke y'all

So, no visit with family, no family lunch, no quality extra time/money to do much of anything.
Except!! LOL, of course!
Check out early and rush back home for....
A double header today! Yup, 2 games, back to back! Lovely! #softballislife


Expectation..I could've stayed here all day! Heck, I could live here.


I'm not saying we didn't have some good times. And I'm always blessed. No matter how crazy and unexpected this life gets. I wouldn't trade time with my family for anything.
But, seriously?!?!!?
What's a girl gotta do to get a decent VACATION??? If I don't laugh, I'd just curl up and cry!
Lol, Love and blessings always!
Too blessed to stay stressed.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Thursday. This, That, and the other...

Where did Wednesday go???

 I guess I should be totally bummed that I missed my weekly Wednesday(WIP) post and I do apologize. I hate missing anything planned or scheduled. I'm sure you all are devastated there wasn't anything new to read on here. Again, I apologize. 
Yesterday kind of started out lazy and relaxing(which was super nice) but then as usual, got crazy busy and time just flew. I finally decided, no post was better than a crappy one written in my exhausted state with a three year old who didn't settle down until around 1 am...Which technically means I would have missed Wednesday anyway.

Although I did get a few things accomplished yesterday.

First off, I wanted to share in my excitement! I received my very first international mail!!
I didn't actually receive it yesterday, but I did manage to grab a few pics, get them loaded, edited and reread my letter and enjoy my "fun mail". 
As, I've told y'all before one of my dear friends lives over in England and we have decided to also rekindle the lost art of pen palling! It is so wonderful to get real letters! Sure, we chat online, do video chats and IM but it isn't the same. I love having a letter I can cherish and look back on years from now. And her penmanship is AMAZING! It is quite an inspiration. We definitely need to bring back real handwriting classes here folks. This girl is putting our school system to shame in one 4 page letter!

I also managed a trip to the store to add to my "stash". I admit, I am addicted to yarn/wool! I have become the "one more skein" girl every time I go out. Although I am actually using it and learning a lot of new tricks and "patterns". I have a craft fair that I will be participating in coming up in November at a local church so I do actually need things to sell! 
That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

These are my newest project. They are super cute and so easy to make!(And, they actually work!) Even I got the whole pattern figured out, start to finish and have about 6 of them made up!
Here is where I found this quick and free pattern! >>Bath Scrubby Pattern

And as usual... You know I have been reading something!
This is book #1 in a trilogy and so far I'm liking it, not love but it is a nice easy read.with a good bit of history(my fave).
Hope y'all have a blessed weekend. Happy blogging and happy reading!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sunday Funday....Last day of Summer

Summer isn't officially over....

There are technically 39 whole days of Summer left!

I will never agree with the kids going back to school so early in the summer. It's too nice outside. Too many glorious days of sunshine left. There are things we haven't done yet!

You know all the projects and adventures you had planned in your head. All the neat things you had "pinned" on Pinterest and determined to do.
(What am I going to do with all those toilet paper rolls we've been saving???)

 All the fun places you read about and swore you were going this year!

But, alas...
The days have come and gone. Along with it the excuses, priorities, responsibilities, and of course the crazy, hectic, ridiculous schedules!

Tire blowouts...Speeding tickets...(*sarcastic cough...Sean*)
The yard work needed done. The softball games had to be played. The bills had to be paid. The weather didn't cooperate....

We've had some mini-adventures.
Driving through the country, seeing new places.
Just enjoying God's natural beauty and feeling the breeze and sunshine.
Quick impromptu ice cream dates
Days spent at the park. Either watching the game or playing on the playground
Endless trips to McDonald's and eating in the van... before, between or after the game
Lots of unforgettable cookouts, parties and stop in visits with family and friends
Splashing around in the kiddie pool
Going to the Strawberry farm...that didn't have ANY strawberries. LOL(That's another story!)
Sitting on the porch with a good book and coffee in hand
Sunsets, summer storms(not enough)...
Working in the garden
Bonfires and marshmallows...
Movie/game nights with popcorn
Young's Dairy and seeing GOATS!
Card games, Wii games and playing Legos...Endless hours of Legos

As I sit writing this...

I realize our summer may not be fancy or extravagant. No lavish cruise or trip to Disney.
Sure there are TONS of things I wish we could have done. As I'm sure any of my children would have a list of things "To Do" but I see how truly blessed I am. We are.
Everyday, we are together. We have each other and are surrounded by others who love us, enjoy us, and want to be a part of "our summer".
Every year I get a little crazy thinking...
Thinking how fast they are growing up.
How many years do they really have to be TOGETHER?
D #1 is already 19. She has her own agenda, her own responsibilities. I am blessed beyond words that she still wants to spend as much time as she can with us.
D#2 is in her last year of junior high. She has sports, church, all these friends and things she wants to do...without mom and dad.
D#3 is only 3 years old but I already know all too well how fast the years will go.
I treasure each of my girls so so much and try to never take a second for granted.

I joke that God loves me more because I always wanted all girls and that is what I have been so blessed with.
I have always taught them they are each others best friends. No matter what and to treasure each other.
If God and I have taught them anything...
That is it!

I can honestly say that they have such a bond.
Sure they tease and aggravate each other to no end some days. They bicker and fight. The stomp and scream. They throw hairbrushes and kick.
Have I mentioned I have 3 girls???

They are typical, yes.
But, at the end of the day, they still want to snuggle and be together. They still say their prayers together and always want sung a lullaby or some song I have sung thousands of times before. They pretty much fall asleep simultaneously.
They are sisters no matter what. No matter what life throws at them or what one may be going through individually. They will always have each other.

Even on those boring Summer days. The days when we did....Nothing!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

WIP Wednesday... Granny Square Fiasco

Welcome to WIP Wednesday!

I can't believe it is Wednesday already! This week has flown by...or maybe it has been drug out and I'm just still in a daze.

So, I've been trying to expand my crochet knowledge and really learn this great art. As I have said before I cannot read a pattern. I seem to be more of a visual person, as in what the final product looks like. I can try to figure it out by how large the stitch is or by visually counting rows across.

I understand a few of the "symbols". Not nearly enough to finish any project exactly like it was written.

So as I have Googled, Pinterest, and a few patterns I have saved from skein labels, I decided to really try and figure this out. 
I read that the "Granny Square" is supposed to be like the most basic, simple, pattern to learn and follow as it is just repeating a few common stitches.

Lies, Lies, Lies, I tell you!!!

There is not one thing about these little geriatric blocks that is simple or easy!!
I have spent hours...hours trying to work a magic circle into a block of four corners, double crochets and chaining around to the next "block"!

And, it isn't just me! My bestie across the pond, Sarah has also been trying to master the wonderful UK version of this maddening "Granny Square".
We have text and sent pictures back and forth and neither of us blondes can figure this out.
I know your thinking...We are way too young to be bothered learning such a thing called a Granny Square. ;)
But I am determined to get it right.

Here are a few pics throughout my work in progress(WIP)...

Here we go with a good looking start(an actual square)...

With 4 actual corners...

Sooo, the second time around it turns into a circle?? Did I miss a stitch? Add too many?

Take it out and we're back to the first "square"

Woo Hoo! I made it around to a bigger square...

Annnnd, round three, we have a....wobbly circle!
I actually did and re did this about 10 times.

In the nicer version of my besties words...
"Screw the bloody Granny Square!"

Here is where I found the "easy" tutorial....Granny Square

I'm still considering this my WIP for now, although I think Granny is getting put back in the bag for awhile.
Has anyone had any success with these? Any tips, pointers, tricks??? What am I doing wrong?
I've done the 
ch 4, sl st(make a ring), ch 5, 3 DC(in ring), ch 2, 3DC, ch2, 2DC.....and on and on. around and around....
Help us newbies out!!!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

WIP Wednesday...My garden...where I find peace.

It's not a secret. I am truly a country girl at heart. I am simple, humble, grateful. I love being a child of God, a wife, a momma. These things give me my greatest joys. These things define who I am.
Throughout our days, life will give use so much. Heartache, trials, doubt, worry and questions so much about our selves, our lives.
But these three things, for me will always be true. My Truth. I am a Christian. I am someone's wife and I am a mother. Those won't change.

When life gets confusing and chaotic....

I need to find the rest of me. I need to pray, refresh and find my own calm.
I'm not a total outdoorsy person. I have no desire to climb Mt. Everest or hike around with my backpack. I don't want to live off grid solely on berries and fish.

But, I love my garden.
Well, our garden.
Secretly, it's just mine.

It is my "place". Where I go to clear my head, breath in the fresh air. Where I can take pride in the knowledge, the skill, the patience and the able body God has given me to learn, grow, teach and provide something for my family.
I go there to pray, to thank God for so many blessing I will never be deserving of.

So many possibilities...

fruits of our labor

I am amazed at all the things we have at. The choices, the variety. 
I can pick and choose what I will plant. How can/will I use it. 
I'm not saying our garden is big enough to feed us all year or that I don't wish for more land but it is enough to get me through. Every little bit helps.

Gardens are always a work in progress(WIP).
I'm no scientist. I don't test the soil or water.
I'm no botanist. I don't know exactly which plants grow best or where.
I'm not an engineer. I didn't spend months or years designing the perfect spot or layout of my garden.

I am a country girl learning and growing. I do what I know and pray it keeps getting better!

What is your WORK IN PROGRESS today?

P.S.....My little helper...

Friday, July 28, 2017

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My kid made me a Liar!

I have officially become....
"That Momma"

Yes, it is true! And straight from my own mouth. I am HER! (cringe) I have lost all fight to discipline. I am fighting a losing battle all on my own.
Do you know how many times a day I repeat.." No more candy!"  "No snacks until after you eat!" ???

I surrender to the confectioniers of the world.

I have not only lowered myself to making excuses for my crappy lack of sticking to my guns momma skills, I have also just flat the F out given up on any sort of dietary rules, requirements or even scheduled meals! POOF...Gone...

I'm tired. I'm tired of fighting. I'm tired of trying to get anywhere with help, structure...flat out NO JUNK FOOD!!!!
There are no "special treats"! It's salt, sugar, grease, icing, cookies, candy!!!
It's the friggin' Willy Wonka warehouse!

Here's some grapes...
eats three... decides she wants pop corn instead

How about yogurt or some oatmeal?
I want Pez and cotton candy!

I want a snack. I want my candy. I want marshmallows.

After you eat dinner, we'll have an ice cream....
2 hours later, cold dinner and....everyone gets an ice cream!!

Exhibit A
Just look at her shovel it in. LOL

Exhibit B
This is her "breakfast" at 11am/noonish
Sausage biscuit and cotton candy!

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