Tuesday, November 14, 2017

What's That Quote #9 (Thanksgiving)

Hello Tuesday!

I know it isn't Monday and well....I'm a tad off schedule this week but we're dealing with that.
It is the week before Thanksgiving so of course everyone has about a zillion schedule changes on top of our usual chaos and then add in the second most stressful holiday known to Americans, and you get this. A Monday post on Tuesday.
Just go with it.

What's that Quote?

" The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest."
William Blake

I love this quote and also this photo. 
For me, it really tells and shows the true meaning of being a thankful receiver. This photo makes my heart see how very blessed we all are. How this family, this meal, probably means more to them than we could understand.
If we focus on the conditions of this home and the clothes they are wearing, or even just how cramped they look; we probably are thinking..."Oh, how sad." or " Look how poor they are."
Those things are probably true. But, I see this. 
Look how many children they have been blessed with.
Look at the clean hair cuts.
Do you see the mother and father...together? As a family!
Do you see the feast before them?
Do you see them looking across the table with mouths full and smiling at their sibling?
I can imagine the pride this man has inside for what he has provided his family on this day.
He definitely bears a plentiful harvest.
True it may only be one meal, one day, but sometimes that is all it takes. To truly be a thankful receiver.

I grew up being taught to always be thankful for everything that we had.
To some, it may not have been much, or even enough.
Sure, there were things we lacked and things we pined for that never came, but we were always thankful for the blessings that we did receive.
My Mamaw told us, "We never knew we were poor, because all our neighbors had just as little as us."
When she was growing up in the mountains, there was no such thing as convenience. Everything you had, you grew, raised, earned or worked for. Not much was unappreciated or that you weren't grateful to have and receive.
If you had extra, you gave it to someone that needed it. You gave and shared and you were thankful when the task was returned.
I grew up with these amazing values and ways. We may not have had a fancy meal or money to buy one, but if we had extra food...or even if there wasn't extra, our table was full.
We had family, friends, even neighbors to share our blessings with.

I think today we get so wrapped up in the "Keeping up with the Joneses' " that we forget what blessings we do have.
We lack the ability to be thankful receivers because we have become so engrossed in the next thing we want. The newer, faster, better of everything!
As parents especially, we have got to stop this, now!
We are raising our children to be UNgrateful.
They don't understand what a true blessing is. They can't grasp the concept that it isn't happening or they aren't getting it.
They see it on TV, magazines, online, on their phones. Whatever "it" is. They expect it because it is available. And all too often we will sacrifice to get it for them. Just to have "it" forgotten or unwanted in no time!
We are wasteful, not thankful receivers.
Let's stop this! Let's make our children thankful receivers today!

How can you show your children to be a thankful receiver?
Please, share your stories. Share your ideas!
Let's work together to make a change this Thanksgiving and bear our own plentiful harvest!!!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Homeschool/Preschool Weeks 9 &10(ABC review)

Weekly Review + 1

Our weekly review got lost in the mix last week. If you follow my posts, we had a great loss and honestly just tried to keep busy and our minds sane.
I have combined the last two weeks reviews into this post.

Week 9
We are still continuing to review the following letters: A, C, T, E, and now H.
I have really been sticking with the tracing papers, mostly found at www.easypeasylearners.com
They have a great source of preschool print sheets in different themes.
I have been having Little E work with different writing utensils and techniques also. She has used dry erase markers, crayons, paint, pencil and chalk.
Chalk and paint are definitely her favorites!
I have also been finishing up some Halloween sheets I had left over and we will begin our Thanksgiving series this week.
Here: 101 Thanksgiving Traditions have a ton of great and fun ideas. I'm sure we will be using some of them!
There are a ton of very creative crafts and lessons I hope to get started on soon.

Week 10
We bought a chalkboard/dry erase board easel! 
It was an awesome find at a thrift store near my aunt. I only paid $6.00 for it and it was missing 2 screws that we replaced for less than $3.00!
So, basically, we scored an amazing dual purpose learning board for $9.00!!
E is absolutely in love with it. She wakes up everyday wanting to do her "letter school".

 She has even bribed her sisters to play and she can be the teacher and they are her "assistants"(students).
I love that she can just jump right over and get into her writing! No prompting, no waiting to have her work printed or sorted out.
I have found her "working" on and off instead of wanting her show on or wanting the tablet to have cartoons.
It really is great! 
We have started working on her name. Well, part of it, or her nickname. Ele, pronounced just like the letter, L. She does good with E and l, but the little e has been a challenge. We either get a circle or some weird squiggle, but it's a start!

 Our Books for the Week

I hope you all have had a great week of learning and continue to follow us!
We love all the comments and feedback. Share your best ideas with us!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

WIP Wednesday Craft Fair and Crochet Pattern

Craft Fair and Crochet Pattern

I just participated in my very first craft fair this past Saturday.
Let me tell you, it was very exciting! My mom and I signed up together and shared a booth/table.
It was at a local church that my best friend happens to attend and work at. This was actually their first craft fair in over twenty years.
I have to say it was a huge success for them and a great experience for us. The atmosphere and friendly people made it such a great first experience. They are even talking about having it twice a year now. Once in the Spring and again next Autumn.
I learned a few tips from fellow crafters about set up, pricing and expectations. also, I've found some creative ways, over on Pinterest to improve my display table and make printable tags or labels.
I even made a little over $40! So, not too bad for my first show!

Crochet Pattern

Okay, I finally accomplished tried to complete an actual pattern. I mean all the way through...from start to finish!
I found an easy and awesome pattern over at Redheart.com.
The pattern is here for:
It is listed as a level 2 easy pattern and uses less than one skein of yarn.
I really wanted this to turn out so great and be exactly like the pattern.
And, well, it probably would have, or at least came close if I had done a little refresher course on my stitches.
Apparently, I made the entire(ginormous!) hat in DC instead of the called for HDC...ooops!
I had to laugh at myself!
So, it didn't turn out exactly like the pattern, but it did make a hat! So, I suppose it wasn't a total waste of yarn.
Lesson to learn:
Double check pattern/stitches and use the correct one!
Check out my other great patterns and crochet finds over here: Crochet patterns and ideas
Oh, and I haven't done the braided tails yet. I plan to add those but haven't chosen a color yet.
What color for guys? I'm assuming it will have to fit a larger head...so a man. LOL
Do men wear white hats?

What are you working on this week? Have you laughed at yourself lately?

Monday, November 6, 2017

What's That Quote #8(Losing a pet)

Where to begin?...

There are so many things I want to say. So much I know I will forget to put into this or won't know how to type it so that it is understood.

I can't apologize for not getting any posts out last week. I just didn't have it in me.
Today, I think I am ready to get it out and move forward...I think.
This is so hard for me to begin and I have no idea where it will end.
Here is the quote for today:

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."
Roger Caras

Last week our sweet fur baby passed away...
I won't say "dog" because she was so much more than just a dog, or a pet.
She was our baby. Our little furry friend, companion, snuggle love. She was a sibling to our children. She was the constant to us all. Always there, underfoot, begging with that "sad puppy dog face" for attention, a treat, to go out, or to be rubbed in her special spot above her hip.

This quote is so true.
If you are a dog person, or any animal you prefer, they can make your life feel whole.
We got our Pepper in 2001, when she was just a spunky little 5 month old beagle. Our oldest daughter was just 3 years old. From the time she came into our family and into our home, we felt a little more complete. Our daughter had a constant playmate, a protector and someone to snuggle her at night.
We felt so much joy and love for all that she gave us.
After two more daughters, countless friends and family, Pepper naturally became everyone's baby. She was so sweet and easy mannered. She was a perfect fit for our growing family.

She never bit anyone and would only become "aggressive" if she felt someone was in danger or afraid. She had this high bark with the low growl following. Her warning to back off her people.
She hated mailmen or woman and anyone who wore a hat that obscured her view of your whole face.
As she grew and got older her paced slowed, but she never turned down a good snuggle or scratching.
Her favorite treats were the bacon flavored strips and any bread that got tossed her way.
She loved to roam around outside and sniff at EVERYTHING.
She was also a funny, modest girl. she would never "do her business" if you watched or stayed outside with her. She had to slip around, out of sight.
She loved bath time and would flop right down as if to say "I'm ready, pamper me."
She snored! Almost as loud as my husband. LOL
We would be sitting watching TV or something and all of a sudden we'd hear her let out a long snore.
It was the cutest thing. Her whole body would shake each time.

There are so many memories and moments that we have to remember her. To look back and be so very thankful for all the 16 years we had with her. It definitely is hard and we are trying to take it one day at a time.
D1 had to call into work. She works at a store that allows customers to bring in their pets, so she was very upset her first day back. Seeing everyone with their dogs.
D2 lost her perfect attendance...on award day. She went to school but didn't make it all day. She has mostly been quiet and kept to her room all weekend.
D3 has woken up every single morning and said "You know Pepper deed(died)? Jesus came and taked her to his house."

They are each dealing with it differently and we are trying to help them through, while dealing with our own loss.
I'm not sure what else to say. The hurt is real. It sucks.
I miss my girl. I miss my fur love.

Rest Easy, My Pepper
My brown eyed fur baby

Monday, October 30, 2017

What's That Quote #7 (Learning from others errors)

What Lessons we can learn!

I am determined to make this Monday productive! I am beyond blessed! I woke up refreshed and motivated to be more today. I am feeling so much better, thanks to antibiotics; and I am antsy to be productive today!
I hate feeling down and unable to get things accomplished.
Too much time to think, plan, wish I was actually...doing!

This quote made me think...
What lessons have I learned from other's errors/mistakes?
Well, a lot actually!
I think that is a part of life. Everyday, whether it be from our parents teaching us or even something we read about or hear on the news. We are constantly learning about a mistake someone has made.
Hopefully, we will learn from them.

I see and hear so many stories about mothers or by mothers who have made mistakes. Some may be serious, some may just be an inconvenience but they learned the hard way.
I, personally, thank these women. Without them sharing and exposing their mistakes, so many others may never even know the mistakes they are making.

A Few of My Momma Mistakes....
(Some examples may be considered opinions. That is perfectly fine. I am not claiming to be any sort of expert in this department.)
1) Yelling...too much
I'm honestly not going to say, it should never be done. It is something that I feel can be used as a way to get an immediate reaction, when needed.
Although if it becomes the norm or a habit, it will inadvertently cause you to raise a "Yeller". They learn this is the way to get what they want, attention, actions from others, etc.
2) Trying to do it all
Ain't no momma got time for that! That is the hard truth. We try to do it all...all the time. We overwhelm ourselves with trying to be involved and getting the kids involved in every single thing that pops up. Plays, sports, parties, festivals, play dates, church, karate, cook outs, dance recitals, girl scouts....it seems to never end! And you know why? because we keep committing to these things! We have to learn how to...
3)Say "NO!!!"
We can do that! It is perfectly okay to say, "No, we just can't do that." or "You can't go." or "We can't afford that." Years from now,(hopefully) they won't be on Dr. Phil because you didn't let them go out with Susie and see that new movie on the same day as the church craft fair you had committed to 6 months ago.
4)Don't buy the kid's meal!
It's a trap! I can't speak for every momma, but personally, we have wasted, I'd say $1,000s on kids meals. 3 kids x 19 years of over sized, over cooked, over priced...wasted food that only gets brought home to be forgotten in the fridge until weeks later. They never eat it! My Mamaw always had this saying, "It always tastes better off of Momma's plate." and that is true. 99% of the time, my girls ended up helping me eat my meal, rather than their own.
5)Sleep while they sleep
Now this one, I can go both ways. Yes, we need our rest too. It can be wise to rest while they are, but I don't necessarily mean go to sleep. Every day and every momma is different. Some people just can't go to sleep mid-afternoon. Take this time to rest. Do something relaxing you couldn't do with the little awake. Take a bath, read a book, call a friend, drink the coffee HOT, eat the cupcake!

I really wanted to keep this post light and non controversial. I hope that you enjoy and maybe learn from a few of my mistakes. 
What have you learned from other's errors?
 Have you corrected your own? 
Are you wiser?