Thursday, July 12, 2018

20 MORE Summer Writing Prompts For kids

20 MORE Summer Writing Prompts For Kids

Hi y'all.
I wanted to take the chance to add another great list of writing prompts before Summer officially ends. If you missed my first list, be sure to check it out:
In Ohio, we only have about 28 days left before all the kids head back to their 8 hours of structured confinement. 
I'm using this time to let them use those little brains as creatively as possible! 
Yes, these are prompts, but please use them as just that. Let the littles come up with a few of their own!
I know it is a huge confidence booster when they realize how creative they can be all on their own.
So, mommas....prompt and let go! Let them write.

1. Make a superhero
2. My greatest adventure
3. Build the perfect ice cream sundae
4. If I was inside/on my favorite television show
5. My dream grocery store list(what I would buy)
6. If I lived 100 years ago
7. My favorite indoor games
8. A perfect day at school
9. Plan my own themed party
10. A day at the zoo I designed
11. My dream bedroom
12. If i was the parent for a day
13. My imaginary pet
14. What I like best about being me
15. Worst chore ever
16. If it was always Winter
17. Best memory with Mom or Dad
18. If there weren't any cars/trains/airplanes
19. My dream job/career
20. If I could switch places with anyone

Well, here is my list of 20 more...
Have your kids done much writing over Summer vacation?
What was their favorite thing to write about?
I'd love to hear from you!
Keep checking back for more fun ideas.

Monday, July 9, 2018

What's That Quote? #14

  We all have those days where we have to get things done. The things that can't wait or be put off until later.
We have those days where we say, we aren't doing anything. The days you are just too tired to even attempt the smallest tasks.

Then, we have Mondays! For me, these are the days... I will try!
I know there are a ton of things that should be getting done around here, and...I will try!

"Today is a good day to try." ~ Quasimodo

Don't be like this gargoyle sitting around waiting!
Get up and TRY!
I know how it is. Some days that is all we can do!
That's fine with me! I have those days too.
Here's how I am going to use this.
I am going to try to finish this cup of coffee before it gets cold...colder.
I am going to try to get as much laundry done as possible!
I am going to try to plan and make a decently healthy meal tonight.
I am going to try to get my book finished today(125 pages left)
I am going to try to get the offspring in bed at a decent time tonight!

I am going to try today!
What are you going to try today? Something new? Let me know how your Monday is going!

Be like Quasi and TRY!

Friday, July 6, 2018

DIY Kid Craft~ Kid Made Wind Chimes

What momma wouldn't love to wean down those piles, containers, buckets, bins, bags and drawers of leftover, saved up, and collected "craft supplies"?

I know for me, it is a daily task to keep all these treasures contained and...hidden from little eyes that think every button or googly eye is the best thing since sliced bread!
But, we do have those days that we can actually find a use, a purpose for some of our ever growing supplies.
I am totally not opposed to anything you can reuse, up-cycle and DIY!
We are a frugal family, so we use what we have.
Hint* This supply list I'm going to give you is completely just for suggestions. Use what you have and make it gorgeous!
Onto our craft...

Plastic Cup Wind Chime
For Kids

I will say this took a lot of my doing...My little is four years old and there are a few things she definitely couldn't have done by herself or unsupervised.

Supply list:
plastic cup(any size/color)
yarn, twine, thread
hole puncher
pipe cleaner(1 per wind chime)
beads(thicker thread needs bigger hole in beads)
needle(same as above, thicker yarn will need larger eye to thread)
embellishments-stickers, glitter glue, foam stickys, etc

First you will take your cup and puncture a hole into the bottom(small) for the pipe cleaner to go through. (Good luck mommas! PSA: the cup will collapse under pressure while you are puncturing!)
Twist an X with the pipe cleaner to join two ends. Insert into hole of cup.
This will be your handle or ring to hang your wind chime by.
It should look like this:
Next you will use your hole puncher to make 3 holes evenly spaced around the rim of cup.
Now lay the cup aside.
Cut your yarn/string the length you wish(we did 10, 12, and 14 inches) remember you'll need extra to tie both ends.
Tie one end off larger than your bead holes. a couple knots should do.
Start beading, leaving a couple inches to feed through punched holes and tie to your cup.
Make three of these. We did ours three different lengths.
After you have them all beaded, proceed to tie them to your wind chime through the holes in your cup.
Your wind chime is complete! Now you can always add any other decorations you'd like!

Aren't they just the cutest?!?!
I hope you enjoyed walking through our craft of the day!
What fun crafts have you tried?
Anyone know of a better, safer way or a tool I'm missing to get the hole into the bottom of the cup? LOL
That was the hardest part! Still fun though. Please share yours!
Be sure to check out all our other fun ideas we've been collecting over here: CoffeeWastedMomma's Crafty Stuff Collection

Monday, July 2, 2018

What's That Quote? #13 (Coffee Lovers)

I am a coffee addict, and I regret nothing! ;)

How is your Monday going?
Mine is dragging. Well, I am anyway.
I definitely needed my cup of joe this morning!
Ever have those days? Those days where you just cannot seem to get going? To get it together?
That's where I am today.
So, for my Monday What's That Quote, I am going to put out a post solely directed to my coffee lovin' mommas!
These are just a few of the crazy, quirky, fun little quotes, or phrases I have came across. Seriously, we can all relate and laugh together.
They are quite catchy and since that is my "name", I thought it fitting for me to share a little of my inspiration into my CoffeeWasted Life
I know, I know. I have a problem...
I am a total addict. I love it hot, cold, iced, frappe, frappaccino, latte... I like it mocha, vanilla, caramel, original. I should really have stock in Maxwell house and International Delights! Or at least get an affiliate deal out of this habit!
I can even be found enjoying a little coffee cake from time to time.

1. I like big cups and I cannot lie
2. When life gives you lemons, trade them for coffee
3. Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's caffeine
4. You can come out now, I've had my coffee
5. Life,...but first coffee
6. May your coffee be stronger than your toddler(Amen!)
7. I need a coffee the size of my ass!
8. A brew will see you through
9. I never said I would die without coffee, I said others would.
10. It's coffee o'clock somewhere
11. coffee & chill
12. coffee...because it's too early for wine
13. coffee is my love language
14. Rise and grind sunshine
15. coffee a liquid hug

ok, tell me you laughed at least once reading these!
If you're into coffee, coffee accessories, and antiques, you can find some super cool antique coffee grinders here:

Do you have any fun "coffee" quotes?
I'd love to add a few more and share!

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Super Easy Summer Craft For Kids~Paper Plate Fans

Summer Easy and Fun
Paper Plate Fans

I am dying in this heat!
Here in Ohio, the last three days have been above 90F.
I was not made for Winter...but this heat, no rain, no breeze is about to kill me.

I have this very persuasive four year old that is determined we are going to do a craft every day..Every. Single. Day. this week. OUTSIDE!
Yes, she is also very specific. outdoor craft that is quick, easy,!(saving up for my iced coffee!)

I jump over to my wonderful Pinterest board filled with tons of great ideas. Seriously, my biggest addiction next to my babies and coffee!

I found this craft...
By the way...She is awesome! Check out her stuff! I have been following her for awhile and she always has something new.

These are so cute and easy to make.
The supplies are things you probably already have on hand. Bonus!

Supply List:
paper plates

popsicle sticks or "crafting sticks"

Elmer's glue or glue gun and sticks

crayons, paint or markers

scissors(my brain is melting. I just had to to spell scissors!)

stickers, googly eyes, stencils, foam stamps...

Cut plates in half(2 fans)
Decorate, design and embellish your half plate
If using paint or anything glued, wait until dried.
Glue 2 popsicle sticks into a "V"(wider is better) for gripping your fan/handle
Then glue the other 2 ends to the back of your "fan"
(press firmly)
Allow to dry
Fan away!!
So, I survived the heat and we got them all finished. I think we made about 8 in total. I even got the middle daughter to join in!
They turned out super cute and...very useful! mommy!
I hope you give these a try and always check back for more fun, cheap, easy crafts!
We have great ideas!
Happy July!
Share your fun ideas!