Tuesday, September 19, 2017

What's That Quote? #1

What's That Quote?
(I couldn't think of a better name)

I wanted to do a weekly quote post.
I love seeing and reading a great quote!
 I even have a whole Pinterest board just for these.>>Great Quotes
I love that some are old, some are new.

These "What's That Quote?" posts will be anything that caught my attention or really stuck out to me.
It may be spiritual, proverbs, literary, or just a fun and quirky meme. Who knows? This is the first post and I am excited to see where it goes.
I will try to give my interpretation or how the quote made me feel. Maybe share a bit of how it reflects in my life. We shall see. I hope you enjoy and please share your opinions. I love learning how the same sayings can be interpreted differently.

" It doesn't matter how slowly you go, as long as you don't stop."

I really like this quote. It can play into so many aspects of our lives. Not just as people, but as a woman, a mother, a teacher...
We all have to go at our own pace. What may come quickly to some, may be a struggle for others to get to the same point.
I am learning, with trying to get this blog up and going that I definitely am the tortoise in this race!
It isn't that I'm not really trying. It is just taking me a bit longer to get there. I'm slowly learning that it is okay to fall behind all the others speeding past me in the blogging world. Our "races" are different.
I'm not stopping. I will get there eventually. I'm just taking a slower route and soaking up all the information along the way! 
I would so much rather get to the goal with a ton of knowledge that I hopefully can use and pass onto others who have been there, than to speed through, only to reach the prize, having no idea how I got there.
How do you feel? Are you the tortoise or the hare?

Monday, September 18, 2017

Lessons from the Imperfect Momma

I know we all like to think we have it all,...or most of it together all the time.
News Flash!...We don't!
Most days, we're lucky we keep ourselves alive.(Thank you Gods of Maxwell House and international creamer!!)
Sure, we have become the Grand Master, Mother of faking it!
Why do we constantly feel like we have to prove ourselves or our worth to everyone else?
As if we don't have enough crap to deal with. Pleasing our Lord. Pleasing our children and spouse.
Have we become so wrapped up in the idea that we need to please every human we may encounter that we kill ourselves faking it?

I like to tell myself that, "I don't care what people think of me"!
We all say that to ourselves, Don't we?
So, why don't we actually feel that?
Why can't we just be accepting of ourselves AND others?
Isn't that the lesson we teach our littles?
That everyone is special in their own way.(I know I'm some kind of special!)
To love and accept others as they are.

And the honest truth is...
We probably don't care near as much about you as you'd like to think we do.
Or, should I say, You don't care about me as much as I stress and believe you care about me.
That is more likely the reality.
Social media has made us believe that our outside appearance and every single aspect of our mothering is being judged 24/7!
That is so sad to me. It is absolutely detrimental to all mothers and future mothers.
We were given these little blessings as a GIFT from GOD!
And how do we show our love, appreciation and thankfulness for these gifts??
We brag about Susie's new wardrobe from The Children's Place(Look, how posh my toddler looks in her name brand clothes)
I honestly don't care where you buy them(that was the first store that popped into my head).
Susie could be wearing her brothers torn jeans with a Spongebob pajama shirt and she would still be YOUR GIFT!
We want to bash the momma who breastfeeds in public!
Oh! what shame she endures to feed her child a healthy meal in the view of others...while your  letting little Dougy eat fries off the floor in the mall!

Here's the thing Mommas! We all live and do the best we can! Everyday!
It is a learning process and none of us have all the answers.
Yes, I want my child to eat and be healthy. That is the goal!
And, yes! She has chocolate milk and Pez candy for breakfast!
It happens! Life goes on!

I have three daughters and while I have tried to teach them the best I can. I mess up!
I have honestly said to them...I don't know!
I don't have the right answer!

These are a few things I KNOW I have taught my daughters! 
And I am totally cool with them learning these lessons! I'm imperfect! They know it. I know it. My lovely husband knows it. God knows it!

1. Brushing your hair is optional! Washing it is not!
Hail praise to the woman who invented the "messy bun"! She is my secret idol!
Me+ 3 daughters= hair nightmares!
"Ain't nobody got time for that!"

2. Barefeet are preferred!
I don't care. I'm a hillbilly, true and through.
I hate shoes, they hate shoes. Yes, we own them and will wear them when it is required but it will not be done willingly or happily.

3.I love Jesus and I cuss a little. Well, I'm being honest.
It happens. He knows it, so why hide it.
I say SH*T...a lot! I wouldn't say, I'm proud of that but I'm not completely ashamed either. It is what it is.

4. If you can win an argument or make me laugh by bursting out a movie quote...your punishment will most likely decrease.
Me: "Let go of your sisters (hair, toy, book, etc)"!!
Kid:"Let it Go, Let it Go..."
(This one is worn out! Y'all need new material!)

5. Chinese food is essential...for all of us.
I don't know why. It's an addiction I have and now you all will endure it with me!
If we are going out to eat, 9/10 expect Chinese!

6. Hugs, kisses and prayers are mandatory!
You will give me hugs and kisses at my every request and prayers will not be skipped.
I try to pray with them everyday or at least remind them to say their prayers.

7. I'm not doing it all! I have good, productive days and I have days where I don't even care if you brush your teeth!
If you want food...the kitchen ain't moved.
(make me a sandwich while your in there!)

8. We don't need the television!
It is a luxury not a requirement. You can do something other than watch TV in your free time!
"What you're bored?....Wannna wash a dish, scrub a toilet?"

9. I will forget.
I'm sorry..not sorry.
I remembered to fill out your athletic form, and I remembered the lunchable(cheese pizza, not pepperoni), your raspberry cereal bars, red Powerades, bikini, not brief pack of new underwear, and your 2 rolls of "Volleyball" ribbon for Monday. I forgot your only white, ankle, not shin lengths socks.

10. I'm not giving you "free money"
I buy what you need and you can earn money or activities.
You don't work for it, you ain't getting it.
Don't hate, Appreciate! xoxo

I know this isn't the "best list" but hey, I'm not the best!
I'm just a Momma trying to keep it going...one cup of coffee at a time!

I need a refill.
What are some whacky lessons you have taught your children?
Did you teach them intentionally or did it sort of just happen?
How do you honestly feel about some of the lesson you have passed on?
I love feedback and other opinions.
Are my lessons totally bizarre?

Friday, September 15, 2017

Easy Fall Craft~ Making Trees...Homeschool Week #2

Do you need a quick, easy and cheap Fall/Autumn craft to do with your toddler or preschool aged child?
This craft can be done with minimal supervision and not a huge mess.

You will need:
A printable tree trunk(Printable Tree Trunk)Free!
Construction paper(shredded or torn)
red, yellow, orange, brown...
and a glue stick!
That's It!!
This whole project cost seriously, like $2.00
Glue sticks are $1.00/2 pack
and the construction paper was $1.00 for like 200 sheets

How easy is this?? Right?
Here is a link: Autumn Tree Craft
By the way, I printed off like 4 of the trunk sheets and my little has been making these for days!
Each one turns out different...She made one with all red leaves.
At first, being the OCD that I am, I tried to arrange and show her how to place them at the tips of the branches and then work her way around or in toward the trunk.
Well, Yea, she wasn't having that! She just wanted to haphazardly glue them anywhere!
And, guess what?
It turned out GREAT! I loved it! She loved it, and was so proud of her little Fall Tree!

We went over each color and why they fall off the trees.
"The trees deed(Dead*), Mom?"
She really was fascinated with learning about why they go from green(and stay on) to changing colors and fall off.

I've honestly been sort of slacking this week with the homeschooling. 
I've been out of sorts and she has been restless and fussy.
We've read a ton of books about school and whatever else she finds, we've tried to work on the letter A. I found some cute Autumn themed worksheets about Apples, Acorns, etc. She wasn't really into those too much. But I have discovered she loves the "Letter finds". Basically, it is a word find sheet, only with letters mixed up and each sheet wants you to find a particular letter.
Those are great and they have capital and lowercase.
(I'll have to find a pic of her A sheet)

I'm sure I will have a ton more things about Fall/Autumn and the crisp season coming.
I've got a ton of material yet to do on this.
I hope you enjoy this fun littel craft as much as we have.
Also, check out these great finds:

In case you missed our intro to homeschool/preschool and week one,
Check us out here:
Happy Learning!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Making a marriage work... when you are total opposites!

Can it work?
How does it work?
Honestly, it's kind of like being dragged onto a roller coaster you are terrified of, but enjoying the ride after all.

The hubs and I are total opposites!
I could safely say in almost every way.
We didn't change, it's pretty much always been that way.

I was always the kid playing alone, sitting quietly, waiting for free reading or to go home and write about whatever had been on my mind all day.
He was the kid in the back of the classroom with ants in his pants, anxiously awaiting recess, gym, lunch or football practice.
Not much has changed...
He is the jock to my nerd girl.

I am the loner, the introvert.
He is the guy with 30 friends who wants to be center of attention.
I would love one, just one weekend of uninterrupted quiet, lazy, no plans time.
He can't sit still and has to have a plan to go somewhere, do something...All the time!
I am the home-body to his extrovert.

I am a tight-wad. I hate spending money on anything!(except maybe books!)...and food.
I like to budget and try to plan ahead.
He says "That's why we make it"! Let's just do it/get it! And that goes for pretty much anything the girls "need".
I am the frugal to his free spending.

I grew up learning to make-do or do without. Reuse, recycle!
Some times it wasn't a choice. 
He has learned to buy. Buy new, bigger, better. What is easier, faster.
I am his DIY.  He is my splurge on new. 

I like things nice and tidy. I hate clutter. 
He drops his keys, socks, shoes, tools haphazardly anywhere they may fall.
I am the neat-freak to his slob(okay...unorganized).

I grew up in the same house until I was 15.
He grew up as an Air Force brat, moving all over for years.
I am the rooted to his mover.

He let's his emotions show openly. He has to get it all out.
 I am the one who hides my feelings. I am the closet crier.
He is the talker. I am the thinker.

He loves to tease, joke and play around...constantly!
I am quite more reserved and find it mostly annoying!(Hey, I'm being honest here!)
He is the jokester to my serious.

I am definitely the more serious and disciplinary figure. He is the big pushover daddy.
Those girls get away with way more than I would allow!
I am the hard ass to his softie side.

There are so many more but that is the gist of it.
So....How do you make it work?
The first question should be, Do you both want to make it work?
If either are unsure, this post isn't for you.

 There is no right or wrong answer. Every person, every marriage, every life is different.
I can only share what works for us and give you advice and tips.
First, DO NOT try to change your spouse.
It is tiring for both of you. It is pointless and it is detrimental to your relationship. If I had spent the last 20 years(yes, it's been that long!) trying to change him...we never would have made it.
We are both born again Christians, which is now the root of our marriage, but it wasn't the case in the beginning. We had both grown up with religious families and had the basic idea but neither of us had made the conscience decision as adults.
So zoom 6 years! into our marriage(by the grace of God, we made it that far!)
We were both saved and baptized.
I won't say it got better or even easier after that. But, we had a new view of life, love, and marriage.
It really was kind of a start over for us!
We became more open and accepting of each other for who we were and what made each of us happy, happier.

We learn everyday to love and cherish each other. Learn and grow together.
Instead of fighting, complaining and making each other miserable because we don't agree or because we are different, we embrace those differences.
He knows if I get grumpy or agitated, he can take the kids outside so I can have quiet to think or refocus.
I know if he really wants new bowling shoes, I can skip a few lunch dates with friends, or not buy the book.
He knows I hate crowds and loud people, so he asks a friend to go to big events.

He knows I secretly want to spend an hour at Half Priced Books on date night, so we do...after his steak dinner at Longhorn(not MY fave!)
If I have had a rough day, he will offer to cook dinner or order out.

If he has put in 10 hours of over time this week, I can do the yard work or take the girls to the park so he can catch a nap.

All marriages are about compromise and sacrifice.
It should be done lovingly and openheartedly.
If everything you do and say is done out of anger or a dreaded feeling, you probably need an overhaul.
And that is totally okay!
There is nothing wrong with taking time to stop, rethink, work out a plan and start fresh!
Trust me, in 20 years there have been plenty of times and situations where you just stop and wonder...what are we doing here???
WE are around people who are different than us everyday. People at work, school, church, etc. We learn to live around those people. Why is so hard to learn to live with that person? Especially, if that person is your spouse!
If you truly LOVE them and are in a dedicated marriage, it shouldn't be a battle to live with their differences. Or at least not impossible.
I feel like our differences make us stronger.
He pulls me out of my comfort zone to try new things.
I calm him down when he is overwhelmed.

I hope this gives you a little piece of...us.
We aren't perfect. We are imperfect, making it work.
Marriage is falling in love with the same person, over and over.

So, for today, my WIP(work in progress) is marriage...our marriage.
What are you working on? <3

Monday, September 11, 2017

Amazing LIST of Books about SCHOOL for PreK and Kindergartners

"Children are made readers on the laps of their parents"~ 
Emilie Buchwald

I am an admitted book hoarder and hopefully will pass on this wonderful love of reading to all my children.
I strive to read everyday!
My children see me reading, book shopping, logging in or researching books, doing a book review or recommending books on the DAILY!
They can't get away from me and my addiction..err, habit.
Tidbits of my hobby here: A Novel Experience
My youngest just turned 4 years old and she has already become the boss of..."Read one more, Momma!"
This I hear 3 to 4 times a day. 
Usually, when "Mr. Sun" is sleeping and my coffee has worn off for the day!
It has become a night time ritual.
And while...honestly, there are times, I just want to read my OWN book or try to let her "read" independently...I usually end up reading to her, the same book...again!
And again!
I love that this is "our time".
 I could sit and read to her for hours, if we had all that free time. I love that she would allow me to and she enjoys it.
I see her remembering what happens next and asking questions when she doesn't understand something in the story. She has even begun reading along or "spoiling" the next page by reading ahead because she is remembering the story!
It is so amazing watching her go through this process of learning. I can sit in awe of this accomplishment!
These important times are the beginning steps in her learning to read,...and enjoy reading!
I have learned it is so much easier to get her interested if I let her choose the book and also let her pick out what she likes at the library or bookstore.
It doesn't always have to be "kiddy books".
Non-fiction, science, nature, animals, transportation, even cookbooks with pictures....all these subjects have a book that will intrigue a child if they are interested.

I wanted to try to make some lists and also help organize her books to be ready for homeschool/preschool.
Organizing by author didn't really seem too practical for our needs, so I am trying to separate them by theme or "characters"(Arthur, Berenstain Bears, Disney, etc)
So, My first list is of books about school.

We seem to be moving backwards in working on "Back to School" in week #2, but that is okay. It's still September and she is enjoying the books. Well, and that seemed to be a subject we found a lot of books about.
Some we have read, some I had read years ago to my older girls, and some I found online or on other great lists.
So here they are:
My List of Amazing Books about School!:

1. Olivia and the School Carnival~ Tina Gallo
2. Tom's First Day of School~ Beth Robbins
3. Strawberry Shortcake Goes to School~ Grosset & Dunlap
4. Wonder Pets: Off to School~ Sascha Paladino
5. Little Pirate Goes to School~ Lawrence Schimel
6. Kindergarten, Here We Come~ Quinlan B. Lee
7. The Berenstain Bears Go Back to School~ Stan and Jan Berenstain
8. A Place Called Kindergarten~ Jessica Harper
9. First Day, Hooray!~ Nancy Paydor
10. If You Take A Mouse To School~ Laura Numeroff
11. Preschool To The Rescue~ Judy Sierra
12.Llama Llama Misses Mama~ Anna Dewdney
13. Mouse's First Day of School~ Lauren Thompson
14. The Night Before Preschool~ Natasha Wing
15. Back To School? Cool!~ Suzy Spafford

I hope you will find these books to read and enjoy with your littles!
Please comment on any you have found or any you would like added to the list!
I know there are SO many more wonderful books out there!
What are your favorites?
Happy Reading and Happy Learning!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Learning to Homeschool...starting simple! Week 1

Homeschooling my four year old...

I  decided a few months ago that I really needed to start teaching my soon to be four year old some basic skills. Things like learning to be on a schedule and things that should be routine. Not just something we do when I think about it or when we remember...or more likely, when she is bored and I'm scrambling to be that oh so creative Momma, with my Thirtyone bag of arts, crafts, and games to thrill and educate her on a whim!
There are some basics that she does well and I think I focused too much on those things and sort of...got lazy on other things she should or could be learning.
She is potty trained and can pretty much dress and undress herself with little help. She can put her shoes on 99% of the time. (We haven't attempted laces yet)
She does surprisingly well with bathing and brushing her teeth with supervision.

So, what else could I be teaching her now?
The last two weeks we have been learning together. 
She still wants me hovering over each"worksheet" but it is a start. If I move or try to leave her to do it herself, she immediately is "done". Unless, it is art or painting.
I have started by using free printable sites and found numerous pages for her to learn the alphabet, trace letters, find letters or objects, decorate or design her own coloring page, count and much more.

We are starting with the letter E this week. This letter is obviously familiar to her as her name begins with E, so I found her tons of pages all about that letter.
She loves that she knows "Her" letter and gets super excited every time she finds it...ANYWHERE!
This was a letter recognition paper. She found ALL the upper and lowercase E's all by herself! (working on her "circles" may be next weeks lesson)
I admit, I was totally impressed at how well she did!
We also did a little art work this week. She named each color as she asked to have it opened. I can't believe how well and carefully she finished this...on her own!
This girl can stay in the lines like a four year old BOSS!
P.S. Thank you Nani Jo for a great birthday gift! xoxo
The weather has been amazing this week, so we took our "class" outside to have some cousin, play, and learning time!
Hopscotch is always a WIN!
They had sooo much fun and we mixed it up a bit.
They could tip toe, big jump, hop or run on the numbers. They could call out a number and the other had to "jump" to find it.
There are so many ways to add learning to a simple chalk graph of numbers. They even got a little P.E. time and lots of laughs.
I think the first "jump song" was something like...1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 12, 7
but they loved it!
School and learning shouldn't have to feel like a battle between you and the "student".
If you love to learn and show them how to do it creatively, it is a win/win!
Happy teaching...and learning!

CoffeeWastedMomma and Little E = week #1 done!

My new featured blog find of the week:
(i'm going to try to have a featured blog each week)
We all need a little Momma love!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Blogger, WordPress, Bluehost...OH My! (WIP Wednesday)

Those three words will be the death of me!!

Start a blog they said. It will be fun, easy, rewarding,therapeutic!
It's hogwash, I say!

Seriously though. I have been blogging, using only Blogger/Blogspot for over 6 years and I have become comfortable with the simplicity and familiarity of it. I know where everything is and goes. I can navigate it like a BOSS! I can add labels, images, links. I can share my stuff to Facebook and Pinterest, no problem. I've got my Adsense and Google+ working. I could even link my images...until Photobucket got greedy and now wants my non-existent income to share my little link code thingy...See, I'm techy!
Well, poo on them! Thanks to my handy Pinterest search, I now have Befunky, Picmonkey(still learning this one), and I just got a Canva account yesterday!
So, here I am trying to get all professional with my domain and hosting, so that Blogger and Google aren't eating my profits(I made $1.16 in 6 months!!)
I get my accounts registered and set up and now I'm "supposed" to download Wordpress...but only .com, not .org(yet) because well, I don't have the money and I'm not even sure this is going to be something that I'm in for the long hall. I found all these momprenuers and biz-bloggers with a plethora of tips, tricks, gadgets, widgets and codes to "make this easy", but I am just not getting it. Every click, page, form I'm having a small panic attack. 
If I click the wrong one, will my entire blog be wiped out? I'm supposed to "transfer" my blogger blog over to Wordpress.
I have a domain name, a blog name, a log in name.... Should they all be the same?
Will I lose my Google+ and my Adsense accounts?...Since they are owned by Google, who "owns" my blog!
I can't just sign up and pay someone for every little thing that needs done!
And I have a real life off the computer so which e-course or ebook or webinar is really worth my time and money?
 I know, I know. Take the plunge. Step out of my comfort zone...and so on.
I'm trying....Really trying!
I started THIS blog as a "mom blog" all the stuff wrapped up into one neat site. For family and friends, It's just my everyday stuff. What I'm up to, what the littles are doing, post some pics, jokes, what ever is on my mind for the moment. In my "CoffeeWasted" moments!
For my "followers" and the public, I wanted to share my life and love of family, adventures, crafts, recipes, tips and tricks, etc and just try to branch out and see where it goes. And yes, eventually make some side money if not a part time income. I mean that's all I see is how:  Mrs. Mom of the year is making 6 figures and quit her 9-5 to live the dream of baking cream puffs and homeschooling her 11 children. She made it all possible by starting a blog!!!
And they have proof! Right?, You've seen the screen shots of their income reports.
So, why can't I get this???
I'm not mocking or downing ANY of these women. I promise. I may just be a tad envious. There really are so many wonderful "mom blogs" out there!
Here are a few I have read and went back to read more:
There are many more but I'm still reading...
There are all these side steps, and you pretty much have to either know...really KNOW how to use them or take a chance of messing things up completely!
Which template works best?
Which widgets do you need and which can you use?
How do I transfer my facebook, pinterest, bloglovin', etc over to Wordpress if when I do get it moved over.
I am determined to figure at least enough of this out on my own to say I gave it my all. I really, really want this to work and to continue on this blogging journey.
I know it isn't easy and that is okay. I just wish there was a way for me to figure out one thing at a time, and not feel like I have to do 10 steps to get 1 thing accomplished!
In case anyone is wondering just what kind of research I have been doing or where I'm getting these tips and advice...Here is a look at my Pinterest board that leads me to all these great bloggers who have taken the time and dedicated a part of their own blogs to helping
I'm still learning and working on it.
What is your WIP work in progress this week?