Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Hello bloggers, readers, mommies. I hope everyone is making it through the week smoother than myself!
I want to do a weekly WIP, work in progress. I will share what I am up to with you. I usually have about 100 things going on all at once, so there is ALWAYS a WIP going on around here!
 I'm sure most of you know life can get crazy and multitasking is the American norm.
Why does it always seem we have so many unfinished projects? Time, money, attention?
 As you can probably tell by now, I have started  am trying to start up a new blog. It has been a tedious work in progress.
 I always seem to get so excited and have all these ideas, themes, topics and I know what I want to say and do but all the graphic, technical, legal crap always gets me so overwhelmed.
I am sooo not tech savvy and it obviously shows. Please bear with me, I too am a WIP!
As you can see from my lovely Pinterest account, I have been doing my research.
Here are a few screenshots just to have an actual image on this post!
Please share your WIPs, any and all. What are you working on?
Happy Wednesday!

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