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Thursday, October 5, 2017

My Homemade Slime...FAIL! (How NOT to do it!)

The Slime Nightmare

Let me just begin by saying, I am not a scientist! I am however pretty confident in my creative, DIY, Pinterest, Momma skills...until now!

It started out great. Little E wanted to make "slime"(thanks to the annoying commercial/ads posted at the beginning of, every. single. Youtube. video!)
I began by doing a quick...Pinterest search of...
How to make homemade slime
Y'all, there are seriously 100s of recipes! With borax, without. Shampoo, dish soap, cornstarch, contact lens solution, Epsom salt, shaving cream, Elmer's glue, glitter, food coloring, liquid laundry detergent...it goes on and on!
Just look <<HERE>>

The biggest factors for me were: 
A) What is the safest for my four year old, and
B) which recipe do I have all the ingredients for.

We started out with the simplest one I found.

Slime with Cornstarch
1c water(heated but not boiling)
3to 4 drops of food coloring
(mix those together)
2cups cornstarch
(slowly add to water mixture)
slowly begin to "work" mixture with hands until cornstarch dissolves and mixture becomes..."slime"
Sounds pretty easy, right???
This has got to be in the top 10 of grossest, weirdest things I have ever put my hands into.
Seriously...I'm a Momma. I have kneaded bread, made meatloaf, touched poop, vomit, dirt and a few un-identifiable substances!
This was worse!
I have NO idea, WHAT we made!
It was not slime!
It kind of had the texture of chewed gum you'd find in your kid's pocket after the wash but before it has been heated and dried. Add in a little grit from the dirt and lint that is now wrapped up and became a part of it.

One more close up pic....

Now...On to recipe #2!
Or as I like to think...almost slime. 

Slime with Epsom salt and Glue
4Tsp Epsom salt
4Tsp warm water
in a separate bowl
8Tbs Elmer's glue
food coloring(2 drops)
combine and add to Epsom salt mixture
Again, work mixture together with hands until "slime" is made

Now, This one started out great! We thought we had finally gotten it! Real slime!

We has all the ingredients.
We had done everything just like it said.
And the "slime" was actually starting to form and feel like slime!!
Although there seemed to be a ton of extra "blue water" that the glue just wouldn't soak up. No matter how much we dipped and tried to work it into our slime.

I let Little E give it a try...
She LOVED it....for about two minutes!
And then, I don't know if it was the air or just that we didn't get all that water absorbed but it started to harden.Like first into a putty texture, then a dry playdough...then just a big, dry, gritty blob...
Like the cotton candy that sits out and gets air!
Hard. as. a. rock.!!!
I have no clue what we are doing wrong!
Making slime cannot be this hard!
Have you ever tried either of these recipes?
What works best?
I'd love to know of one we can easily make that really...works!

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The Mommiest Hobbyist said...

Oh my gosh! I laughed so hard! Maybe we should just make this the new “thing” xD

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