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June 29, 2017


Ever have one of those days where you wake up feeling like, today is it? Today I will get up, dressed, ready and be productive! Sure, we all have days we think like that.
 How many days do you actually accomplish anything worthy of being considered productive?

Okay, let's not be too hard on ourselves. Maybe it is just a different kind of productive than you had originally planned. And most days that is perfectly okay!
Maybe more so for us Stay-At-Home moms. Our days are not structured by a manager, boss, CEO.We don't have set times to clock in and out or even to eat or use the restroom.(I'm not looking for pity or controversy, just stating)
Honestly, most days my entire schedule from morning until bed is completely centered around the demands, whims and desires of my 3 year old!
Now I'm not saying my kid is some lunatic that just runs around throwing fits and demanding things 24/7(even if it can feel that way) but as her mother and her full time caretaker it is my job to make her my #1 priority.

I really wanted to get the yard cleaned up, work in the garden and mow the lawn. Those were my top 3 big jobs to get done today. It was gorgeous out and already 80* F by 10 am.
I tried to include her in the smaller/safer tasks but she had her own "plans" to help.
All of her pool babies/toys have developed that horrid gunky, algae film and quite frankly, her dolls' hair and ponies' manes look like they escaped a torture chamber by the skin of their teeth.
We decided we could use the "little pool" as a bath tub. Soap suds and all.
But...that meant we were both going to be wet.
Bathing suits on and by now it is after noon and around 85*F
I never did get the lawn mowed or the weeds pulled.
Every toy we did  pick/clean up is still out there floating around in the "bath tub".
I am totally okay with that.
We had fun, she cleaned her toys and I got to work on my tan! Score..How bout' that?
We were productive!

June 28, 2017

WIP WEDNESDAY (Beginnings of my blog)

Edit and Updates:

** I have been trying to keep up and stay productive. I'm learning and growing as I go.
1) I have switched my Pinterest account over to a business account.
2) I have joined several AWESOME Facebook groups!
 Blogging With Heart (These people have been a huge help and encouragement!!)
3) I am trying to figure out all the legalities and tech codes.
4) I am almost  ready to switch over to Wordpress (still have a few questions)
5) I have started using Pixabay for free stock photos!
6) I am getting better at editing and sizing my images
7) I am connecting with more bloggers in my niche and making online friends
8) I'm working on gaining real followers that return to my blog
9) I am working on my analytics and Adsense reports(understanding better)
10) I'm getting more scheduled and confident in my writing/posts.

How are you and your blog improving this month?

Hello bloggers, readers, mommies. I hope everyone is making it through the week smoother than myself!
I want to do a weekly WIP, work in progress. I will share what I am up to with you. I usually have about 100 things going on all at once, so there is ALWAYS a WIP going on around here!
 I'm sure most of you know life can get crazy and multitasking is the American norm.
Why does it always seem we have so many unfinished projects? Time, money, attention?
 As you can probably tell by now, I have started  am trying to start up a new blog. It has been a tedious work in progress.
 I always seem to get so excited and have all these ideas, themes, topics and I know what I want to say and do but all the graphic, technical, legal crap always gets me so overwhelmed.
I am sooo not tech savvy and it obviously shows. Please bear with me, I too am a WIP!
As you can see from my lovely Pinterest account, I have been doing my research.
Here are a few screenshots just to have an actual image on this post!
Please share your WIPs, any and all. What are you working on?
Happy Wednesday!

June 26, 2017


Having Manic Monday...

I try every week to plan out Mondays. They are always crazy no matter how down to the most minimal task I have assigned and planned.
Today was supposed to be laundry day...
We are currently out of a dryer so I usually get up early start loading the washer and piddle around in between loads. Once we get all enough laundry to justify a trip to the laundry mat to dry them, I get Sean to help load up and off we go.
Today, however has been quite different. a typical Having a Manic Monday!
Sean comes home around 7:30am, gets his shower. I'm already trying to get my day started.
Run into the bathroom and try to flush the toilet...I hear a gurgling noises and the water is sloooowly going down. I wait about ten minutes, try again...same.
Mom, upstairs starts the washing machine. As I am sitting at my desk trying to figure out why the computer is running slowly and eventually freezes up, I hear water running...then more, running over??? Splashing and hitting the floor!!
Oh my God! At 8:30 in the morning the toilet is pouring black, sewage water all over, no stopping in sight!
As I am yelling, "Mom, shut it off! Turn the washer off!!!"
I'm plunging, splashing, yelling....Ele is awake and coming to me.
Now, it is 6pm, no laundry all!
The toilet is still...gurgling and now has 2 full bottles of Draino in it! 
I'm waiting....
Oh, and Sean has pretty much slept through the whole day/ordeal!
I'm on my second pot of coffee.

How is everyone elses Monday going?

June 25, 2017

Introductions and beginnings

Coffee Wasted Momma(Intro)

      Hello, it's me. The momma who is usually running solely on caffeine and a prayer.
I'm giving this blog another go. A fresh start, a way to vent and hold on to my sanity while raising 3 girls, keeping my husband happy, and doing this thing called life.
So, here is the beginnings of another, this is it blog!
I truly am hoping to get this up, running, and have a great run at it.
All are welcome. Come share the musing, ramblings, recipes, crafts, tips, tricks, advice and probably rants of a Coffee Wasted Momma.