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June 26, 2017


Having Manic Monday...

I try every week to plan out Mondays. They are always crazy no matter how down to the most minimal task I have assigned and planned.
Today was supposed to be laundry day...
We are currently out of a dryer so I usually get up early start loading the washer and piddle around in between loads. Once we get all enough laundry to justify a trip to the laundry mat to dry them, I get Sean to help load up and off we go.
Today, however has been quite different. a typical Having a Manic Monday!
Sean comes home around 7:30am, gets his shower. I'm already trying to get my day started.
Run into the bathroom and try to flush the toilet...I hear a gurgling noises and the water is sloooowly going down. I wait about ten minutes, try again...same.
Mom, upstairs starts the washing machine. As I am sitting at my desk trying to figure out why the computer is running slowly and eventually freezes up, I hear water running...then more, running over??? Splashing and hitting the floor!!
Oh my God! At 8:30 in the morning the toilet is pouring black, sewage water all over, no stopping in sight!
As I am yelling, "Mom, shut it off! Turn the washer off!!!"
I'm plunging, splashing, yelling....Ele is awake and coming to me.
Now, it is 6pm, no laundry all!
The toilet is still...gurgling and now has 2 full bottles of Draino in it! 
I'm waiting....
Oh, and Sean has pretty much slept through the whole day/ordeal!
I'm on my second pot of coffee.

How is everyone elses Monday going?

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