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July 28, 2017

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My kid made me a Liar!

I have officially become....
"That Momma"

Yes, it is true! And straight from my own mouth. I am HER! (cringe) I have lost all fight to discipline. I am fighting a losing battle all on my own.
Do you know how many times a day I repeat.." No more candy!"  "No snacks until after you eat!" ???

I surrender to the confectioniers of the world.

I have not only lowered myself to making excuses for my crappy lack of sticking to my guns momma skills, I have also just flat the F out given up on any sort of dietary rules, requirements or even scheduled meals! POOF...Gone...

I'm tired. I'm tired of fighting. I'm tired of trying to get anywhere with help, structure...flat out NO JUNK FOOD!!!!
There are no "special treats"! It's salt, sugar, grease, icing, cookies, candy!!!
It's the friggin' Willy Wonka warehouse!

Here's some grapes...
eats three... decides she wants pop corn instead

How about yogurt or some oatmeal?
I want Pez and cotton candy!

I want a snack. I want my candy. I want marshmallows.

After you eat dinner, we'll have an ice cream....
2 hours later, cold dinner and....everyone gets an ice cream!!

Exhibit A
Just look at her shovel it in. LOL

Exhibit B
This is her "breakfast" at 11am/noonish
Sausage biscuit and cotton candy!

July 27, 2017

WIP Wednesday... Me, Momma, Myself

I have no idea where this post is headed.
Today has been one of those "Momma just wingin' it" days.
Seriously, It is 11:43pm and once again, I am just now getting this post wrote. 

My Life is one curve ball after another...

Most days by the time I can get myself up and going, I feel as though half the day is gone...Well, It really is since we have been getting up around 10/11am on a good day.
I hate sleeping in. I hate staying up soooo late that I feel jealous of everyone in bed before 1am. (And that is reeeeally late, for me!)
My whole system, body, routine, life is just a mess. Mixed up and spinning around me while I'm standing here with my cold coffee in hand trying to slow it down long enough to get a glimpse of where I am, what am I suppose to be doing and where has time gone????

I need space, privacy, routine, structure, a PLAN!!!
Why does it feel like I can't "get it together"??
How long can I keep doing this?

D#2 starts back to school in less than three weeks, D#1 started a new job today, and D#3 still has no clue what or when bedtime is!
Sean either is so restless he sleeps on and off for maybe two hours or sleeps all day long until after 4pm.
I'm somewhere in the middle, trying to stay up to somewhat be on his schedule so I can see him, but still be Momma at 8am...ya know? Like actually awake, functioning and not just being Zombie Mom day in and day out....over and over.

I sleep through the sunrise.
I sleep through alarms.
I sleep through my kids waking up.
I EVEN sleep through the first pot of coffee!
That is not ME!

I admit, at first, I thought this third shift gig could work.
I had a PLAN! Sean would leave around 9ish. I could get the girls to bed, maybe get a shower. I could work on my blog, reading, crochet, whatever I wanted to get done. Then I would sleep awhile and get up when Sean came home, let him sleep and the girls and I could start our day.


As usual, another curve ball(no "softball is my life" pun intended)
I can't sleep. The girls can't relax.
 D#3 refuses to even get in the bed until I do.
 D#1 is 19 and tries to stretch curfew!
We also live with 3 other people so...routine/schedule...GONE!
Oh and have I mentioned Fall Ball started today? Throw another one at me to rearrange the "schedule".
I'm tired, I'm stressed. I'm not perfect and I don't have a "right" way to do this.
Today, I'm just wingin' it.

Today, tomorrow... I am a work in progress(WIP)
Good night and blessings.

July 19, 2017

Wednesday WIP

Welcome and Happy Wednesday!

You know that theme I have about my 100 projects at once??

Well, you guessed it....
I've given myself yet another one!!
For those that have known me awhile and been my friend and "followers", you may remember waaaaay back when I had a book review blog.

Well, actually, I still do! I just kind of gave up, got busy, burnt out and let it get shoved way back in a corner.
Today, I decided I wanted to just jump over and see where I had left off, what I had written about and see how it looked compared to this "new" blog.

To my utter shock, I STILL have followers! There are still people using my links, reading my old reviews and viewing my blog!!!
Seriously, my last post was like 3 years ago!

Well, of course now I have to start it back up and see where it goes....
I have to say, I really have missed writing my reviews, sharing books and getting comments and others opinions. I'm kind of excited to have a fresh start with both blogs.
I obviously love being a wife, momma  and sharing about life but I loved having my book review blog solely for that part of me.
I do hope any and all of my friends that share this passion will also start anew with me and stop by, say hi, shout out, comment and share their thoughts!

A Novel Experience  <<<< Click This Link

Happy, reading, blogging and sharing.

July 17, 2017

HMM...Having Momma Moment

Having Momma Moment...

If you know me at all, then you know my babies are my world!
I know I have been mostly posting about E, AKA daughter #3 and I haven't gotten to daughters #1 or 2 yet. I promise to try and do better.
Today's "Momma Moment" is going to focus on my Sunshine daughter #2!
We have had one crazy, super amazing weekend. And yes, it was all about D#2!
My super athletic girl, my go-getter, my never a quitter girl!
She continues to amaze me daily!

Livin' the softball life...

Her softball team made it UNDEFEATED...ALL THE WAY TO STATE!!!
They seriously are a DYNO-MITE team!
These girls have come sooo far and are still learning, growing and improving!

They finished their regular season 13-0!
Such an awesome accomplishment!

Sadly they were shut out in the first two games at state(Ohio), but nothing to beat themselves up about..I mean come on girls...WE WENT TO STATE! 
Only 4 teams out of all the U14 Girls fast-pitch softball in their district got to even go!


Check out their Facebook page and let Team Dynasty District 9 Champions  know how proud you are of them!

Warming up...

TEAM DYNASTY/ pep talk 

Our Awesome Mom and Dad All star Tshirts!

July 12, 2017

WIP Wednesday

Hello and Happy Wednesday!

Technically is still Wednesday for another 20 minutes or so. I'm running a little late, as usual.
E has been asleep about 10 minutes and I am finally getting to sit down and try to get a bunch of stuff worked out here on this crazy blog I decided to start.

I've actually been planning out my WIP post all week long. Trying to remember to grab a photo or two during my progress. 
Remembering to get them uploaded and edited(somewhat) and think about what to write.

I have said before, I usually have at least 10 things going on at any given time(or it seems that way).

One of my many hobbies is crocheting.
I try to work on something as much as possible.
I'm not a beginner as to say I am new to the art but I lag at really committing myself to advancing.
I guess I get comfy with what I do know and kind of run with that for awhile. I still cannot read a pattern to save my life. Everything I have completed has solely been by pictures and just winging it!
I am a master-ish at making beanie/toboggan/hats.
I actually started a Facebook page last fall and made a bit of money selling the "messy bun" hats and such.
Honestly, I have probably made 100 of these in different colors, sizes, styles. They are a quick project (unless Ele wants to "help") and I love that each one is different and unique.

This week I am making one for a dear friend of mine's son to send all the way to the UK!
I am in love with this little boy and his handsome smile. One day I will get to meet them in person..I pray!

So my dear Lucas, your hat is my WIP for today!
I can't wait to see how cute he is wearing it!

July 11, 2017

My Little Pony Obsession

My Little Pony Obsession!
It's a real thing.

    Are you or someone you know a member of the MLP blind bag fan club?
My daughter is the Queen President of the club!
This is a real thing! I'm not kidding!  I have even become a little too excited about "prize day". When I already know exactly which way our shopping cart is headed. I know what the prize is going to be...yet, you don't actual know which pony/prize you'll get. Will it be Pinkie Pie? Flutter Dash? Rarity? Sweetie Drops?
You just don't know!
It's totally the anticipation of that secret prize.

If we had done a side by side, my face would look exactly like hers!

Now, the best part(for me) and any momma that has too jumped on this blind bag wagon.
If you notice E's package is a two for one....BONUS PACK!
It is $2.88 at Walmart  or $5.99 if you order online.
Everywhere else we have found them, Walgreens, Target, etc they are at least $3.99 FOR ONE!
So, not only do we/you get 2 they are cheaper!
Double score!

And they have different "sets".
You can get cupcake, apple, friendship and the rare ones in Sparkle friends!

I'm so in love with these little minis and they are so cute!
Not recommended for children under 3 years old but they make great collectibles or what I call, "grab and go" toys.
We throw a handful in a back pack, my purse or whatever and she has toys for on the go.


I told you she has a ton of these...and yes, obviously you do/will get duplicates because you can't see who you've gotten until after you purchase and open your blind bag.

This isn't even all of them...
Only what I could find and grab up to take a few pics!

Oh! And....
They come with collectible cards you can save(like a baseball card). It has their name and some little fun facts/info about each pony!

July 10, 2017

The Answer is Bubbles!

Today, the answer is...BUBBLES!

Tomorrow, who knows?

But(small victory), Today it was bubbles!

I have a three year old who hasn't been quite herself this last week.
I have stated before, we are going through some changes and it has finally hit her.
She has been so fussy, acting out/up. She has become the Princess Whiny Pants around here and quite frankly, Momma is about to move onto something a bit stronger than COFFEE!

E has been refusing to eat....anything. Seriously! In a total of three days she has eaten 1/2 of a hot dog(without ketchup), 3 cheez-its, 2 cups of milk, some lemonade and about 6 marshmallows that she hand picked out of her Lucky Charms. 
She has had these whining fits where no actual words are coming out of her mouth. She just cry/blubbers and throws her body down. When I try to console her or ask her what is wrong, her only response is..." I'm just crying!!"
Well...Yes, I can see that!
Her sleep schedule is well...there is no schedule. She just keeps going until she crashes, usually in bed with me around one or two in the morning and then is wide awake at 8am when Sean comes home.
This week it has been absolutely mentally and physically exhausting on both of us.
I know she needs more rest and to eat and I have tried everything!
Talking, cuddling, explaining, moving her out of room and trying to divert her attention elsewhere.
Nothing is working!!

Yesterday daughter #2 had a car wash for softball. I made a quick trip to the Dollar Tree to grab snacks, etc and I got E two bottles of bubbles for her friends and her to share.
To keep her occupied and away from cars moving through the "car wash".

She couldn't have cared less. She would hardly even look at them....after took them out of the bag.
Normally, she would have cried/begged the whole car ride to have them opened.

Today, as I am sitting outside trying to read she decides NOW she wants her bubbles! Troll, Poppy, Pink bubbles!
Today, they are the coolest thing ever!
Today, she played and laughed and blew her little heart out for almost an hour!!!
This is the calmest, happiest, normal-ist I have seen my daughter in a week!
So, For today at least, BUBBLES are the answer!
Pray for me tomorrow!

July 7, 2017

Adulting just sucks...sometimes

Third shift sucks!

  I'm just going to say it again. Third shift sucks! 
It is 1:45 Friday morning. Ele just went to sleep less than thirty minutes ago(she's 3 years old!!).

  My husband recently had to change jobs and of course like any time you have to go through a crappy temp service and take what you can get to start out at the bottom, on 3rds.
I know if we were younger or didn't have kids it would be somewhat easier...maybe.
I love my husband and I know he is doing everything in his power to make this work until he moves up or something better comes along. We are all trying to adjust and pull together. Luckily, it is summer break so our schedule is somewhat more flexible than it will be in a month or so. The big kids can sleep in later and our evenings aren't quite as structured as they will be again. We are learning together. 
Here are the things I have learned you cannot do when your husband works thirds!

1. You cannot vacuum
2. You cannot lay in bed and read your book or crochet
3. You cannot type away at the computer(in the bedroom)
4. You cannot get your children to sleep before 1 am...on any given night
5. You cannot clean or organize anything in your room( I normally clean when I can't sleep)
6. You cannot get up and function with 3 kids before 8 am without A LOT of coffee!

I'm sure there are tons more but I am too drained to think of them at the moment.
I much prefer first shift...
Anyone else have to deal with this?
Does it get easier?
Any tips to help me get it together...or fake it better?