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July 7, 2017

Adulting just sucks...sometimes

Third shift sucks!

  I'm just going to say it again. Third shift sucks! 
It is 1:45 Friday morning. Ele just went to sleep less than thirty minutes ago(she's 3 years old!!).

  My husband recently had to change jobs and of course like any time you have to go through a crappy temp service and take what you can get to start out at the bottom, on 3rds.
I know if we were younger or didn't have kids it would be somewhat easier...maybe.
I love my husband and I know he is doing everything in his power to make this work until he moves up or something better comes along. We are all trying to adjust and pull together. Luckily, it is summer break so our schedule is somewhat more flexible than it will be in a month or so. The big kids can sleep in later and our evenings aren't quite as structured as they will be again. We are learning together. 
Here are the things I have learned you cannot do when your husband works thirds!

1. You cannot vacuum
2. You cannot lay in bed and read your book or crochet
3. You cannot type away at the computer(in the bedroom)
4. You cannot get your children to sleep before 1 am...on any given night
5. You cannot clean or organize anything in your room( I normally clean when I can't sleep)
6. You cannot get up and function with 3 kids before 8 am without A LOT of coffee!

I'm sure there are tons more but I am too drained to think of them at the moment.
I much prefer first shift...
Anyone else have to deal with this?
Does it get easier?
Any tips to help me get it together...or fake it better?

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