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July 28, 2017

My kid made me a Liar!

I have officially become....
"That Momma"

Yes, it is true! And straight from my own mouth. I am HER! (cringe) I have lost all fight to discipline. I am fighting a losing battle all on my own.
Do you know how many times a day I repeat.." No more candy!"  "No snacks until after you eat!" ???

I surrender to the confectioniers of the world.

I have not only lowered myself to making excuses for my crappy lack of sticking to my guns momma skills, I have also just flat the F out given up on any sort of dietary rules, requirements or even scheduled meals! POOF...Gone...

I'm tired. I'm tired of fighting. I'm tired of trying to get anywhere with help, structure...flat out NO JUNK FOOD!!!!
There are no "special treats"! It's salt, sugar, grease, icing, cookies, candy!!!
It's the friggin' Willy Wonka warehouse!

Here's some grapes...
eats three... decides she wants pop corn instead

How about yogurt or some oatmeal?
I want Pez and cotton candy!

I want a snack. I want my candy. I want marshmallows.

After you eat dinner, we'll have an ice cream....
2 hours later, cold dinner and....everyone gets an ice cream!!

Exhibit A
Just look at her shovel it in. LOL

Exhibit B
This is her "breakfast" at 11am/noonish
Sausage biscuit and cotton candy!

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