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July 10, 2017

The Answer is Bubbles!

Today, the answer is...BUBBLES!

Tomorrow, who knows?

But(small victory), Today it was bubbles!

I have a three year old who hasn't been quite herself this last week.
I have stated before, we are going through some changes and it has finally hit her.
She has been so fussy, acting out/up. She has become the Princess Whiny Pants around here and quite frankly, Momma is about to move onto something a bit stronger than COFFEE!

E has been refusing to eat....anything. Seriously! In a total of three days she has eaten 1/2 of a hot dog(without ketchup), 3 cheez-its, 2 cups of milk, some lemonade and about 6 marshmallows that she hand picked out of her Lucky Charms. 
She has had these whining fits where no actual words are coming out of her mouth. She just cry/blubbers and throws her body down. When I try to console her or ask her what is wrong, her only response is..." I'm just crying!!"
Well...Yes, I can see that!
Her sleep schedule is well...there is no schedule. She just keeps going until she crashes, usually in bed with me around one or two in the morning and then is wide awake at 8am when Sean comes home.
This week it has been absolutely mentally and physically exhausting on both of us.
I know she needs more rest and to eat and I have tried everything!
Talking, cuddling, explaining, moving her out of room and trying to divert her attention elsewhere.
Nothing is working!!

Yesterday daughter #2 had a car wash for softball. I made a quick trip to the Dollar Tree to grab snacks, etc and I got E two bottles of bubbles for her friends and her to share.
To keep her occupied and away from cars moving through the "car wash".

She couldn't have cared less. She would hardly even look at them....after took them out of the bag.
Normally, she would have cried/begged the whole car ride to have them opened.

Today, as I am sitting outside trying to read she decides NOW she wants her bubbles! Troll, Poppy, Pink bubbles!
Today, they are the coolest thing ever!
Today, she played and laughed and blew her little heart out for almost an hour!!!
This is the calmest, happiest, normal-ist I have seen my daughter in a week!
So, For today at least, BUBBLES are the answer!
Pray for me tomorrow!

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