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July 19, 2017

Wednesday WIP

Welcome and Happy Wednesday!

You know that theme I have about my 100 projects at once??

Well, you guessed it....
I've given myself yet another one!!
For those that have known me awhile and been my friend and "followers", you may remember waaaaay back when I had a book review blog.

Well, actually, I still do! I just kind of gave up, got busy, burnt out and let it get shoved way back in a corner.
Today, I decided I wanted to just jump over and see where I had left off, what I had written about and see how it looked compared to this "new" blog.

To my utter shock, I STILL have followers! There are still people using my links, reading my old reviews and viewing my blog!!!
Seriously, my last post was like 3 years ago!

Well, of course now I have to start it back up and see where it goes....
I have to say, I really have missed writing my reviews, sharing books and getting comments and others opinions. I'm kind of excited to have a fresh start with both blogs.
I obviously love being a wife, momma  and sharing about life but I loved having my book review blog solely for that part of me.
I do hope any and all of my friends that share this passion will also start anew with me and stop by, say hi, shout out, comment and share their thoughts!

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Happy, reading, blogging and sharing.

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