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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

WIP Wednesday

Hello and Happy Wednesday!

Technically is still Wednesday for another 20 minutes or so. I'm running a little late, as usual.
E has been asleep about 10 minutes and I am finally getting to sit down and try to get a bunch of stuff worked out here on this crazy blog I decided to start.

I've actually been planning out my WIP post all week long. Trying to remember to grab a photo or two during my progress. 
Remembering to get them uploaded and edited(somewhat) and think about what to write.

I have said before, I usually have at least 10 things going on at any given time(or it seems that way).

One of my many hobbies is crocheting.
I try to work on something as much as possible.
I'm not a beginner as to say I am new to the art but I lag at really committing myself to advancing.
I guess I get comfy with what I do know and kind of run with that for awhile. I still cannot read a pattern to save my life. Everything I have completed has solely been by pictures and just winging it!
I am a master-ish at making beanie/toboggan/hats.
I actually started a Facebook page last fall and made a bit of money selling the "messy bun" hats and such.
Honestly, I have probably made 100 of these in different colors, sizes, styles. They are a quick project (unless Ele wants to "help") and I love that each one is different and unique.

This week I am making one for a dear friend of mine's son to send all the way to the UK!
I am in love with this little boy and his handsome smile. One day I will get to meet them in person..I pray!

So my dear Lucas, your hat is my WIP for today!
I can't wait to see how cute he is wearing it!

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