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August 20, 2017

I am "Vacation" cursed!

I'm not even kidding.

It happens every time without fail!

I'm to the point that I don't know if I need a Re-Vacation, like a do over or if I should just give up any traveling over a two hour drive because that seems to be our "trigger point"! Two freakin' hours and after that it is doomed!

Under the circumstances of our living arrangements, you would think a two hour away trip would be like going to Disneyland! Well, so did I!

Before I get into this last weekend get away let me re-cap the South Point, Ohio softball tournament trip at the end of July.
Originally, we(ME) were planning a weekend stay-cation to a little lake resort guessed it, two hours away in Lathem, Ohio.
We were trying to plan dates, save money, make sure EVERYONE had those days off, etc.
Well, then our Dynasty girls kept winning, and won all the way to a place at state...the SAME weekend we had pre-planned our trip.
So, re arrange to a trip to a different spot...two hours away!
Now, one kid doesn't want to go because that is boyfriend's birthday weekend.
So, down 1 kid + boyfriend...
We head out to State tournament...
Nightmare from the beginning!
Our hotel SUCKED!!!
I'm talking middle of demo/rehab, no pool, no continental breakfast, no clean towels...I could go on and on.
Then due to a huge lack of communication and us being at a different hotel as the rest of the team(another story), we didn't know D #2 had to be to the field 3 hours before her game, so when we do find out, and we are already late! Sean decides to get us there...faster, going 83 in a 55mph zone!
So, that cost us $216!!!!! Obviously, we(ME) hadn't put THAT in the budget! So, everyone is stressed, tired, aggravated. The rest of the trip was spent either giving each other the silent treatment or just being snarky at each other and hating everything! Not to mention I had had the WORST toothache in history all weekend and lived off of liquids, Orajel and ibuprofen.

Now, on to this weekend!
I thought finally! FINALLY!
We are going to Kentucky! Oh my glorious Kentucky!
My little cousin turned 3 years old and I ALWAYS try to make it this ONE weekend out of the year!

So, we ALL get to go. All 3 of my kiddies with us!! Super YEA!
I've got the plan, I've got the budget, I've got it all packed, loaded. Car gassed up, hotel ready!
On the road!!!
Sweet Bliss...or as blissful as it gets with Sean driving and me navigating.
Friday we head out!
Traffic wasn't horrible, everyone is rested, fed and content!
Hotel was great(other than pool down for maintenance).
Saturday we head out early enough to run by the store , head over to cousin house. Visit awhile before party, see/play with chickens, etc. then follow everyone to the party...
Go to leave hotel...
Our car won't start...OUR CAR WON'T START!
Nope, just a click...
Get a jump, good to go...
Get to store, run in and spend $24 on nonsense!
Come out...
Click, click....
Car won't start
So, Sis to the rescue, new battery...
We're out $120
$120  for a battery to our 2008 Dodge mini van...
This ain't no joke y'all

So, no visit with family, no family lunch, no quality extra time/money to do much of anything.
Except!! LOL, of course!
Check out early and rush back home for....
A double header today! Yup, 2 games, back to back! Lovely! #softballislife


Expectation..I could've stayed here all day! Heck, I could live here.


I'm not saying we didn't have some good times. And I'm always blessed. No matter how crazy and unexpected this life gets. I wouldn't trade time with my family for anything.
But, seriously?!?!!?
What's a girl gotta do to get a decent VACATION??? If I don't laugh, I'd just curl up and cry!
Lol, Love and blessings always!
Too blessed to stay stressed.

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