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August 13, 2017

Sunday Funday....Last day of Summer

Summer isn't officially over....

There are technically 39 whole days of Summer left!

I will never agree with the kids going back to school so early in the summer. It's too nice outside. Too many glorious days of sunshine left. There are things we haven't done yet!

You know all the projects and adventures you had planned in your head. All the neat things you had "pinned" on Pinterest and determined to do.
(What am I going to do with all those toilet paper rolls we've been saving???)

 All the fun places you read about and swore you were going this year!

But, alas...
The days have come and gone. Along with it the excuses, priorities, responsibilities, and of course the crazy, hectic, ridiculous schedules!

Tire blowouts...Speeding tickets...(*sarcastic cough...Sean*)
The yard work needed done. The softball games had to be played. The bills had to be paid. The weather didn't cooperate....

We've had some mini-adventures.
Driving through the country, seeing new places.
Just enjoying God's natural beauty and feeling the breeze and sunshine.
Quick impromptu ice cream dates
Days spent at the park. Either watching the game or playing on the playground
Endless trips to McDonald's and eating in the van... before, between or after the game
Lots of unforgettable cookouts, parties and stop in visits with family and friends
Splashing around in the kiddie pool
Going to the Strawberry farm...that didn't have ANY strawberries. LOL(That's another story!)
Sitting on the porch with a good book and coffee in hand
Sunsets, summer storms(not enough)...
Working in the garden
Bonfires and marshmallows...
Movie/game nights with popcorn
Young's Dairy and seeing GOATS!
Card games, Wii games and playing Legos...Endless hours of Legos

As I sit writing this...

I realize our summer may not be fancy or extravagant. No lavish cruise or trip to Disney.
Sure there are TONS of things I wish we could have done. As I'm sure any of my children would have a list of things "To Do" but I see how truly blessed I am. We are.
Everyday, we are together. We have each other and are surrounded by others who love us, enjoy us, and want to be a part of "our summer".
Every year I get a little crazy thinking...
Thinking how fast they are growing up.
How many years do they really have to be TOGETHER?
D #1 is already 19. She has her own agenda, her own responsibilities. I am blessed beyond words that she still wants to spend as much time as she can with us.
D#2 is in her last year of junior high. She has sports, church, all these friends and things she wants to do...without mom and dad.
D#3 is only 3 years old but I already know all too well how fast the years will go.
I treasure each of my girls so so much and try to never take a second for granted.

I joke that God loves me more because I always wanted all girls and that is what I have been so blessed with.
I have always taught them they are each others best friends. No matter what and to treasure each other.
If God and I have taught them anything...
That is it!

I can honestly say that they have such a bond.
Sure they tease and aggravate each other to no end some days. They bicker and fight. The stomp and scream. They throw hairbrushes and kick.
Have I mentioned I have 3 girls???

They are typical, yes.
But, at the end of the day, they still want to snuggle and be together. They still say their prayers together and always want sung a lullaby or some song I have sung thousands of times before. They pretty much fall asleep simultaneously.
They are sisters no matter what. No matter what life throws at them or what one may be going through individually. They will always have each other.

Even on those boring Summer days. The days when we did....Nothing!

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