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August 17, 2017

Thursday. This, That, and the other...

Where did Wednesday go???

 I guess I should be totally bummed that I missed my weekly Wednesday(WIP) post and I do apologize. I hate missing anything planned or scheduled. I'm sure you all are devastated there wasn't anything new to read on here. Again, I apologize. 
Yesterday kind of started out lazy and relaxing(which was super nice) but then as usual, got crazy busy and time just flew. I finally decided, no post was better than a crappy one written in my exhausted state with a three year old who didn't settle down until around 1 am...Which technically means I would have missed Wednesday anyway.

Although I did get a few things accomplished yesterday.

First off, I wanted to share in my excitement! I received my very first international mail!!
I didn't actually receive it yesterday, but I did manage to grab a few pics, get them loaded, edited and reread my letter and enjoy my "fun mail". 
As, I've told y'all before one of my dear friends lives over in England and we have decided to also rekindle the lost art of pen palling! It is so wonderful to get real letters! Sure, we chat online, do video chats and IM but it isn't the same. I love having a letter I can cherish and look back on years from now. And her penmanship is AMAZING! It is quite an inspiration. We definitely need to bring back real handwriting classes here folks. This girl is putting our school system to shame in one 4 page letter!

I also managed a trip to the store to add to my "stash". I admit, I am addicted to yarn/wool! I have become the "one more skein" girl every time I go out. Although I am actually using it and learning a lot of new tricks and "patterns". I have a craft fair that I will be participating in coming up in November at a local church so I do actually need things to sell! 
That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

These are my newest project. They are super cute and so easy to make!(And, they actually work!) Even I got the whole pattern figured out, start to finish and have about 6 of them made up!
Here is where I found this quick and free pattern! >>Bath Scrubby Pattern

And as usual... You know I have been reading something!
This is book #1 in a trilogy and so far I'm liking it, not love but it is a nice easy read.with a good bit of history(my fave).
Hope y'all have a blessed weekend. Happy blogging and happy reading!

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