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August 9, 2017

WIP Wednesday... Granny Square Fiasco

Welcome to WIP Wednesday!

I can't believe it is Wednesday already! This week has flown by...or maybe it has been drug out and I'm just still in a daze.

So, I've been trying to expand my crochet knowledge and really learn this great art. As I have said before I cannot read a pattern. I seem to be more of a visual person, as in what the final product looks like. I can try to figure it out by how large the stitch is or by visually counting rows across.

I understand a few of the "symbols". Not nearly enough to finish any project exactly like it was written.

So as I have Googled, Pinterest, and a few patterns I have saved from skein labels, I decided to really try and figure this out. 
I read that the "Granny Square" is supposed to be like the most basic, simple, pattern to learn and follow as it is just repeating a few common stitches.

Lies, Lies, Lies, I tell you!!!

There is not one thing about these little geriatric blocks that is simple or easy!!
I have spent hours...hours trying to work a magic circle into a block of four corners, double crochets and chaining around to the next "block"!

And, it isn't just me! My bestie across the pond, Sarah has also been trying to master the wonderful UK version of this maddening "Granny Square".
We have text and sent pictures back and forth and neither of us blondes can figure this out.
I know your thinking...We are way too young to be bothered learning such a thing called a Granny Square. ;)
But I am determined to get it right.

Here are a few pics throughout my work in progress(WIP)...

Here we go with a good looking start(an actual square)...

With 4 actual corners...

Sooo, the second time around it turns into a circle?? Did I miss a stitch? Add too many?

Take it out and we're back to the first "square"

Woo Hoo! I made it around to a bigger square...

Annnnd, round three, we have a....wobbly circle!
I actually did and re did this about 10 times.

In the nicer version of my besties words...
"Screw the bloody Granny Square!"

Here is where I found the "easy" tutorial....Granny Square

I'm still considering this my WIP for now, although I think Granny is getting put back in the bag for awhile.
Has anyone had any success with these? Any tips, pointers, tricks??? What am I doing wrong?
I've done the 
ch 4, sl st(make a ring), ch 5, 3 DC(in ring), ch 2, 3DC, ch2, 2DC.....and on and on. around and around....
Help us newbies out!!!

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