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August 2, 2017

WIP Wednesday...My garden...where I find peace.

It's not a secret. I am truly a country girl at heart. I am simple, humble, grateful. I love being a child of God, a wife, a momma. These things give me my greatest joys. These things define who I am.
Throughout our days, life will give use so much. Heartache, trials, doubt, worry and questions so much about our selves, our lives.
But these three things, for me will always be true. My Truth. I am a Christian. I am someone's wife and I am a mother. Those won't change.

When life gets confusing and chaotic....

I need to find the rest of me. I need to pray, refresh and find my own calm.
I'm not a total outdoorsy person. I have no desire to climb Mt. Everest or hike around with my backpack. I don't want to live off grid solely on berries and fish.

But, I love my garden.
Well, our garden.
Secretly, it's just mine.

It is my "place". Where I go to clear my head, breath in the fresh air. Where I can take pride in the knowledge, the skill, the patience and the able body God has given me to learn, grow, teach and provide something for my family.
I go there to pray, to thank God for so many blessing I will never be deserving of.

So many possibilities...

fruits of our labor

I am amazed at all the things we have at. The choices, the variety. 
I can pick and choose what I will plant. How can/will I use it. 
I'm not saying our garden is big enough to feed us all year or that I don't wish for more land but it is enough to get me through. Every little bit helps.

Gardens are always a work in progress(WIP).
I'm no scientist. I don't test the soil or water.
I'm no botanist. I don't know exactly which plants grow best or where.
I'm not an engineer. I didn't spend months or years designing the perfect spot or layout of my garden.

I am a country girl learning and growing. I do what I know and pray it keeps getting better!

What is your WORK IN PROGRESS today?

P.S.....My little helper...

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