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September 6, 2017

Blogger, WordPress, Bluehost...OH My! (WIP Wednesday)

Those three words will be the death of me!!

Start a blog they said. It will be fun, easy, rewarding,therapeutic!
It's hogwash, I say!

Seriously though. I have been blogging, using only Blogger/Blogspot for over 6 years and I have become comfortable with the simplicity and familiarity of it. I know where everything is and goes. I can navigate it like a BOSS! I can add labels, images, links. I can share my stuff to Facebook and Pinterest, no problem. I've got my Adsense and Google+ working. I could even link my images...until Photobucket got greedy and now wants my non-existent income to share my little link code thingy...See, I'm techy!
Well, poo on them! Thanks to my handy Pinterest search, I now have Befunky, Picmonkey(still learning this one), and I just got a Canva account yesterday!
So, here I am trying to get all professional with my domain and hosting, so that Blogger and Google aren't eating my profits(I made $1.16 in 6 months!!)
I get my accounts registered and set up and now I'm "supposed" to download Wordpress...but only .com, not .org(yet) because well, I don't have the money and I'm not even sure this is going to be something that I'm in for the long hall. I found all these momprenuers and biz-bloggers with a plethora of tips, tricks, gadgets, widgets and codes to "make this easy", but I am just not getting it. Every click, page, form I'm having a small panic attack. 
If I click the wrong one, will my entire blog be wiped out? I'm supposed to "transfer" my blogger blog over to Wordpress.
I have a domain name, a blog name, a log in name.... Should they all be the same?
Will I lose my Google+ and my Adsense accounts?...Since they are owned by Google, who "owns" my blog!
I can't just sign up and pay someone for every little thing that needs done!
And I have a real life off the computer so which e-course or ebook or webinar is really worth my time and money?
 I know, I know. Take the plunge. Step out of my comfort zone...and so on.
I'm trying....Really trying!
I started THIS blog as a "mom blog" all the stuff wrapped up into one neat site. For family and friends, It's just my everyday stuff. What I'm up to, what the littles are doing, post some pics, jokes, what ever is on my mind for the moment. In my "CoffeeWasted" moments!
For my "followers" and the public, I wanted to share my life and love of family, adventures, crafts, recipes, tips and tricks, etc and just try to branch out and see where it goes. And yes, eventually make some side money if not a part time income. I mean that's all I see is how:  Mrs. Mom of the year is making 6 figures and quit her 9-5 to live the dream of baking cream puffs and homeschooling her 11 children. She made it all possible by starting a blog!!!
And they have proof! Right?, You've seen the screen shots of their income reports.
So, why can't I get this???
I'm not mocking or downing ANY of these women. I promise. I may just be a tad envious. There really are so many wonderful "mom blogs" out there!
Here are a few I have read and went back to read more:
There are many more but I'm still reading...
There are all these side steps, and you pretty much have to either know...really KNOW how to use them or take a chance of messing things up completely!
Which template works best?
Which widgets do you need and which can you use?
How do I transfer my facebook, pinterest, bloglovin', etc over to Wordpress if when I do get it moved over.
I am determined to figure at least enough of this out on my own to say I gave it my all. I really, really want this to work and to continue on this blogging journey.
I know it isn't easy and that is okay. I just wish there was a way for me to figure out one thing at a time, and not feel like I have to do 10 steps to get 1 thing accomplished!
In case anyone is wondering just what kind of research I have been doing or where I'm getting these tips and advice...Here is a look at my Pinterest board that leads me to all these great bloggers who have taken the time and dedicated a part of their own blogs to helping
I'm still learning and working on it.
What is your WIP work in progress this week?

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