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September 22, 2017

Homeschool/Preschool Week #3 ( Numbers, Counting, Patterns, and Pumpkins)

Preschool Activities and Adventures...

I can't believe we are already finishing up week three!
And, it is the first day of Fall! I'm not even ready to touch that subject.
I'm not one of those, Ooooh, pumpkin spice everything, ready for campfires, and loving all things crisp and cool.
I am definitely a more sun out, flip flops, iced tea, tank tops and 80+ degrees kind of girl!

Luckily, Little E has been more cooperative with having some "desk time".She too is a, wake up, get dressed, go outside, kind of girl. (Some days she doesn't even get to the get dressed part before she is begging at the door, like the doggie that needs to tinkle!)

Week Three Round Up

This week we slacked off on all the letters and alphabet. She seemed to be getting frustrated and wanting to play around or whine every time I mentioned her "Letter work".
To me, that is a red flag that she was either A. Not quite ready for those, or B. She was getting burnt out and we needed to change things up a bit. 
I don't want to feel like I'm forcing her too much. I understand she needs to learn these, but if it is causing her to become uninterested or down right put off by "school" then we can move on and come back later on.
I have tried to sneak in asking her to identify "big letters" while we are reading and she is doing great with that.

This week we found a fun way to get started on identifying numbers and also counting.
It really is pretty basic. I just did a plain Office doc and spaced out the numbers into a sort of grid or block. I believe I used font size 88. You can always play around and figure out which is best. 
We only did 1-4 today but soon I will add more numbers or even mix the order up.

We then gathered about 473  10-12 blocks and placed the correct number amount on that space. 
(1 block on #1 space)
 I made her count each block she placed on the grid and then count them all together(total).
At first she only wanted to use the pink blocks. Green and white blocks were "wrong". LOL
After finding ALL the pink blocks, she was back on track. 
We did this about 5 times and I had her tell me each number(identify) on the paper.
I would ask her:
Can you find #3?
After she pointed to it, then I would have her add 3 PINK blocks to that grid.
Here's what ours looked like. It isn't pretty, but it serves it's purpose.

I tried to use our time...and her attention wisely.
While we had all those blocks out, we also worked a little bit on doing patterns.
Again, she wanted only pink blocks, so it was a challenge at first.
Her "pattern" was all 6 pink blocks, nicely aligned into a row! I had to laugh.
I did get her to follow my pattern after a few tries.

We also did some artwork this week. She is on a painting kick. I printed off a few "Fall" pics and instead of coloring them, we busted out the Dollar Tree paint set!
Although as you can tell, by the end of this week, we only have brown and black paint left.
Hey, it was only $1.00 and we weren't expecting a Picaso.

Here is her Pumpkin from today.

As always, there has been TONS of reading and story time!
This week she has been stuck on Tom's First Day of School.
I bet we have read this book 20 times! She loves it.
It really is a cute story. It starts out with Tom learning he has to start school. He isn't excited at first.
After his sister teases him with "scary stories" about school, he is even more scared.
Mom and Dad take him the next day and he learns about all the wonderful things there are to do.
He makes friends, enjoys class, lunch, and recess.
It shows lessons in teasing, making friends, learning that everyone is different, sharing, and not being afraid.

We are finishing up this week with a few more books we haven't gotten to yet and probably a...letter sheet! We shall see.
We also have a busy weekend ahead, so I have plenty ready for Monday, and the start of week #4.
I hope everyone had a productive week.
If you've missed our adventures, you can go back and see what else we've been doing:
I hope you enjoy our journey and adventures.
Please share any ideas or tips you have found!
We love new ways to learn!
Enjoy the Weekend!

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