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September 24, 2017

This Momma's Wish List...

What is a wish?

Well, according to Mr. Webster, 

feel or express a strong desire or hope for something that is not easily attainable; want something that cannot or probably will not happen
(Well, that is pretty discouraging!!!!)
a desire or hope for something to happen

I really try not to use that word too much. I like to think of myself as more of a realist.
I like things broke down into either a need or want. Those two categories are usually easier for me to manage and "realistically" place things into one of the two, nice and neatly.
Do I need it or do I want it?
Easy right?
So, where do you place the things you WISH for?
(mainly material things)

If I truly wish for it, I have more than likely wanted it for sooo long that I can't knock it. I just get it on my mind and need a moment to really embrace my desire. Let it sit there in my mind and be admired until the moment passes. Y'all get that, right?
But, what if that wish is a need?
If you truly feel that it would make you or your life better, easier, more fulfilled.
What if it really could help you? Whether it be physically, mentally, or spiritually. Then is it a need?
Oh, the questions of life...
How do we justify a wish?

Wishes don't have to be right or reasonable.

Today, I want to share my wish list with all of you.
These are the things I have pined over for some time. I've found, loved, researched, "wish shopped", begged the hubby for, and even PINNED and PINNED them on several boards(That's serious stuff).

This Momma's Wish List...

1. Goats and Chickens!
I want these little adorable,crazy, lovely, milk, meat and egg producing creatures even more than I wanted my beagle 16+ years ago! And not just any old goats and chickens. I've done my research and read and read and looked and looked. I need Nigerian Dwarf Goats and Rhode Island Reds.
These goats are the best milk makers, for all my cheese and soap I'm going to make. Plus, they are friggin' adorable and hilarious!
The chickens are both meat and egg chickens. Bonus! With us being in Ohio, they are considered "hardy birds" and can take the colder temperatures and they are more docile..since I have children.

2. Farmhouse in the country
Ok, I know this should be #1 since I need a place to keep the goats and chickens.
So...maybe the farmhouse is a need?!?!?
I have always dreamed and wished for a big old farmhouse up on a hill out in the middle of nowhere.
A house that has a history, memories, a story...and room for more.
The kind where you have to drive to the mailbox and can sit on your porch smelling sweet, sweet hay and say to the hubs, here comes (X) down the road...when they are still a good 1/2 mile from your drive.
I had this once(that's a touchy story, maybe another day/post). A good part of my childhood, I had this. I truly feel my soul NEEDS this again. Someday...I wish.

3. Classic Books
It is no secret that I love books. I love to read just about anything. I can buy used, have them given to me, check them out from the library but lately I've really been looking into old books.
Not the new remakes but the original edition books.
Some of my favorite authors are Charles Dickens, Jane Austin, The Bronte Sisters...
I would like to start a small collection of some of the classics. Not too many. Remember, I'm frugal and I can't justify cashing out our IRA to collecting old books, but maybe just a few.

4. Antique Coffee Grinders
I suppose all these "old things" go hand in hand with my old soul. I'm so drawn to anything antique, classic, old.
I love the old coffee grinders. I would love to have at least one that is still functional but I hope to decorate with them in my farmhouse kitchen. There are so many different styles and makes. I love them all. Aren't they beautiful???

5. Coffee Mugs
Yes, I know. I may have a problem. Hey, don't judge. Coffee lives matter!
I just love all these wacky mugs. I can add them into my decorating and choose a new mug to drink out of everyday. The hubs can design and build me a fabulous display shelf...or 2 or 3 to show them off!

Tell me those aren't awesome!
6.  Quirky T-Shirts
I honestly don't know where this wish came from. I openly have OCD and I went through a phase in high school where I only wore solid colored shirts, jeans, and ALL white Keds. I couldn't handle anything that even remotely didn't "match". 
I guess as I got older, and had girls in sports, every thing we own has a logo, sponsor, school name and # on it. We got trapped into buying those "support your kid" T shirts and there it went. All my trying to match and coordinate. Ain't no Momma got time for that!
That is the truth. Anyway, I've come to love these expressive T shirts.  Maybe it is my way of saying what I want to say on those frigid, game day mornings where my coffee hasn't kicked in enough to talk human. Who knows? But I love these.

Purchase T-Shirts here

7. Rustic Signs
I think my brain must be stuck on old, antique, farmhouse decorating and design these days.
I may need to pray and reflect after writing this post. I'm starting to feel like my wish list may be more of an obsession with what I want and not what I need.
Rustic signs are another way for me to "say" something. I love the worn look. Something that has been used and enjoyed.
(Too Cute)

I hope you've enjoyed my wacky wish list.
What do you wish for?
How do you define a wish?
I'd love to see what other Momma's have on their lists.
 Do you write them down? Do you search for it?

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