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October 13, 2017

DIY~ Halloween Graham Cracker Haunted House

Our Preschool "creepy" (completely edible) Haunted House

Are you a Momma looking for a fun, creative project to make with your littles?
Are you looking for something that isn't going to take up your whole day just getting it ready?
(I know the attention span of a four year old! If prep time is more than 10 minutes...She's out!)

Then, this project is for you...and your little!
I too love a good craft that we can make together. There are always so many "grown-up" projects going on everyday, it's nice to slow down and do something together with them.

I found this idea over on Pinterest, of course!
Her houses turned out much more appealing than ours but that's fine with me.
Sometimes it's the process not the end result.

Little E was totally into this project from the beginning and well, was I.
We made a few changes and made it our own. Which, I believe is the whole point in this. You can take the basics and make it anyway you'd like. Each one is different.

Our Haunted House!

What we used: 

Graham Crackers(any brand)
Chocolate frosting
Orange frosting(bottle type)
Variety of candies(we had Reese's pieces, sprinkles, and candy corns)
Base, board, or plate(something to build on)
Zip lock bag or piping bag

We started with parchment paper to cover our cardboard base. I had her help me hold the sides and I piped the chocolate frosting to get the walls to "stick". This does take the finesse of pressing hard enough, and long enough for it to grip but, not so hard that you crush and collapse your crackers! It is a trained skill. LOL
Once we got the four sides on, the roof just kind of sat on top. I did try to pipe some frosting along the eaves to get the effect of it being attached.
After that it was pretty much sprinkle, candy and frosting mayhem!
We had a blast and it was quite sweet! Literally!
Luckily, this entire project is completely EDIBLE! I know, I know! Bonus!

I love finding these cute, little, quick craft ideas! There are so many fun ways to spend time together and maybe even learn a new craft. I love learning new things and hope to teach my littles to love learning. Even, just making a graham cracker haunted house!
We hope you enjoy and will try to make your own "Haunted House"!
What is your favorite Halloween craft?

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