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October 6, 2017

Homeschool/Preschool Week #5 (Letter A, tracing, and counting)

Week #5 Round-up!

Welcome to our week #5 Round-up!
We have actually gotten a lot of classwork done. Despite our crazy, hectic, coffee induced(Momma only) week we have had. 
There have been work schedules, birthdays, tournaments, Homecoming parades, and so much more!
Little E and I have had to work our school time in and around, but we've managed!

This week we have....

Finally! Finally, gotten the Letter A! Yes!
She has been working so hard on it. I have to say, this has been one of our hardest lessons. I'm not even sure why, but it definitely has taken us a few weeks.
Little E has learned to identify, say the sound and also been tracing the letter. Capital and Lowercase!
I also have played the Official "A" Song video...I don't know how many times!
It's catchy y'all! 

Tracing letters and lines...

I have found a ton of great printables to work on her tracing!
Here is my featured Momma blog for the week!
Seriously! Awesome stuff!
We've also been doing some work in her Little People Preschool workbooks this week.(Dollar Tree)
I printed off different "line" tracing pages. straight line, loops, zig zags.
I am learning from other homeschooling mommas that this helps with pencil control.
Little E had been having such a struggle with holding the pencil or even markers correctly. I finally remembered to buy a pack of the "fat crayons" and they seem to be helping...So much!
She definitely has more control and can press, enough to actually see what she is drawing or writing!
She has more confidence now that we can see her work and she can stay on the lines so much better!

Counting 1-10(or 12)...
Little E can can count to 10 all by herself. Some days she can get to 12, but sometimes after ten, it is 15 or 7...
We have gotten in the habit of counting everything! We count going up and down the stairs...which is like 100 times a day! We count our food! grapes, crackers, popcorn... We count while she is on the potty. LOL Seriously, it works! Whenever, wherever...WE COUNT!
Next week, I am hoping to work more with her flash cards to start identifying numbers.
She knows, 1, 2, 3, 4, 8 and 10 so far.

Our book for the week...

This is such a cute book, and great for counting all the family characters. Ma, Pa, brother, sister, Auntie, Uncle, Gramps, and Gram...
It is written in rhymes and easy for her to catch on and remember. I think we've only read it about 3 times so far this week ;)

I hope you enjoy our adventures and continue to join us!
Here are our previous weeks in case you missed them or want to go back.

Stay tuned for next week and don't forget to follow on Pinterest for all the great ideas we find!

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