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October 13, 2017

Homeschool/Preschool Week #6

Homeschool/ Preschool 
Week #6

This week we are in full swing Fall...
Here in Ohio, we are starting to wake up to those cool, crisp mornings. The sun is rising a little later each day and the leaves are starting to change colors and fall in the breezes.
I am finally starting to take advantage of these days and really get into our Fall theme. I want to soak up as many days outdoors teaching Little E as much as I can before the frost and days of too cold weather come. It is such a beautiful time of year. Even if it only makes me want to hold on to those lazy summer nights a little tighter.

All the letter "A"s...
We are finishing up our letter A week. I have been trying to think of as many "A" words that I can to teach her while we are out and about. Apple, Acorn, Airplane, Ants...
We've wrote, traced, and done our letter finds almost everyday this week.
She has also been practicing her short a sound.

I found a wonderful alphabet puzzle at the Dollar Tree. It is super colorful and has nice, big letters that are easy to recognize! We have a printed off sheet with the alphabet and we used that to compare and match the letters. She did so great with this. I mixed up all the pieces and had her search for each letter/puzzle piece in order. The pieces are different colors, so if she seemed to get stuck or struggle finding the correct letter, I would give her a "hint" "The piece you need is a purple piece."(there are about 5 of each color) so maybe only A, M, R, V ,Z would be purple. 

Scavenger hunt and nature...
Last weekend we spent the day at Papaw's and took advantage of the 734 ton of trees and fallen leaves on his acre backyard. The girls ran around around rolled in the leaves all afternoon. They gathered leaves and tried to find as many different ones they could. We found big, small, red, orange, green, skinny, fat, round and pointy ones!
I even found a cute, free  Printable Scavenger Hunt over @ MomDot
It is designed for smaller children. I think we found everything except the "green beetle" that Little E kept insisting we needed to locate!
(It was an image(artwork) on the page, not on the actual list. LOL)

Graham Cracker Haunted House...
We also made our very own "haunted house". I can't talk about this enough! We went over each color and we did work out a pattern with our candy corns. She counted each candy chip as we placed them on her little house and talked about the different shapes we needed to build our house. There were so many fun ways to work in a lot of learning into this project. And, it was fun! You can see more about that over here >>>DIY Haunted House

I hope you all had a wonderful and productive week!
Check out even more fun Fall activities here>>  More Fall Activities @ A Mom's Impression.
As always, Don't forget to go back and check out our previous weeks through my blog and leave us any tips or ideas you have came across this week! We love learning!

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