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October 20, 2017

Homeschool/Preschool Week #7~ Halloween Printables

Preschool and our Halloween/Fall Theme

Are you ready for Halloween yet? We are finally getting there! Costumes have been bought and anticipation is mounting around here! Little E has really gotten into all things orange, black, fun, and creepy this year. Although, the final costume of her choice,(Finally!) is Pinkie Pie(My Little Pony).

We have still been busy working on so much with school. I'm still learning to be more organized and really keep files, check lists, and folders of what we have been doing. How well she did or how she struggled with something. We are still attempting to introduce one new letter each week(mostly capitol) but she really struggled with A and now she seems to be forgetting what she did so well on with the letter C. (I'll keep up with those and reintroducing through out the week)

This week we started letter T....
At first, I said "Oh, Ele. That is Momma's letter. My name is Trema." Then I said, "Like, train and tree."
I started thinking....oh crap, not TR, I need T, just T words....
I seriously laughed out loud at my caffeine induced mind that drew a complete blank as she sits at her little desk giving me this look! I swear her face was saying..."Do you know this letter at all Momma???"
I think I finally managed to come up with top and turtle...or something close to those.
I should her on her alphabet board which letter was T and had her repeat it and say the T sound(without the R after, LOL).
Then I had her do a tracing paper and tried to find words that begin with that sound in pictures.
She seemed to catch on pretty easily and the tracing went well.(across the top, not down the middle) get it.

Now our Halloween stuff...
I found some great Halloween printables(free). I printed off coloring pages, tracing sheets, match up games and a few other fun ones. She really needed practice with just basic control and following lines. I have been really getting on to her about holding her crayon or pencil correctly. She does great for a day or two and then goes back to what I call the "baby grab" sort of hold.
I am going to attempt to include the free printables I found. I have never added one to a blog post, so if it turns out horrible or won't load, I will also include links.
You can also, always check out our HOMESCHOOL/PRESCHOOL BOARD over on Pinterest, where I store all the great ideas and resources I come across! Be sure to follow so I can share more great finds with you!

Free Halloween Printables

Our books for the week are...

We really enjoyed these cute little "Halloween" stories. I hope you have enjoyed reading about our week and continue to follow us on our journey!
Happy Learning!

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