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October 25, 2017

Wednesday, My Chaos! Crochet, Toothaches, Christmas, and Affiliates!

Let's just get on with this Wednesday business!

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Did you see that? Up there! My very first affiliate link!!

Y'all know it is usually a chaotic mess around here. As you can tell by the title of this post, today is no different! I have been super busy all week, and it''s only Wednesday! Shwooo!

Crochet business...
This is a year round hobby and I always have someone(usually one of the offspring) wanting me to make something. Something someone else has or something they've seen online. I always have some project sitting around in a bag waiting to be worked on or completed. I seriously could make a boat load of coffee cash, if I charged my kids!
I love finding new, EASY projects that work up quickly and I can play around with and try new colors, techniques, etc. So, I found these super cute little crochet hair bows over on Pinterest!
Here is the free pattern for the Sassy Bows. And here are mine and my adorable little model!

Seriously! Aren't they adorable?!?!?

I have the Church Craft Fair coming up less than two weeks! I think I can probably get 20 of these made by then. I'm doing a bunch of orange and black ones in different sizes. Yea, I'm in the Cincy area. Who Dey!....Not my preference but hey, they sell! The craft fair is after Halloween, so I am focusing on Christmas or really everyday colors, crafts, etc.
Wow, and I was reminded(thanks to FB posts) that Christmas is exactly two months from today!!!
This momma has got to get up on her game! I don't do the whole "Black Friday" hoopla. Not my scene! I have enough craziness in my life. 
With that being said, my next topic is...

Christmas and Affiliate Links...
I admit I am getting a little excited about the holiday season rolling in but to be honest, I am SUPER stoked that I got my very first ever affiliate marketing gig today!!!! 
**Super squealing**
Y'all this is huge for me! (Blog Geek)
Brittany over at TheEastSideShop posted a link wanting new affiliates to promote her amazing shop!
The very first item I saw, I immediately wanted! They sell, modern, positive, simple apparel.
Make sure you stop by to check out her site! 
PLEASE, use this link>>>The East Side Shop 
I can't wait to get a great shirt this week. I may do a little Christmas shopping for the offspring too!

Other business....
To add to all my crazy, I decided an exciting trip to the Urgent Care with Sean and two of our kids immediately following my Chinese dinner was in order. I don't make this stuff up people.
I got the worst toothache, out of no where. I'm talking, face on fire, ear splitting, jaw aching, PAIN! It was horrid! 
The amazing doctor gave me a prescription and low dose pain meds, FYI...Urgent care does not give out Opioids! LOL, they seriously had signs posted about ever 5 feet. Everywhere! Funny..not funny.
So, here I am today. Taking it easy. Just trying to get some work done and binge watch Disney Jr. 
Little E keeps ditching me for more interesting mayhem to get into.

Let's not mention my "fuzzy balls!" 
My kids think it is hilarious to mention them to...EVERYONE!
So, now all the internet has glimpsed them and I don't have to explain anymore....

How the heck is your Wednesday? 
What projects are you working on?

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