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October 11, 2017

Wednesday?....What the Heck?

Wowza Wednesday, Whoa Wednesday, Wacky Wednesday...
I seriously could think of at least five more names for these posts.
Somehow, I don't think just WIP(Work in Progress) is cutting it anymore. Why are my Wednesdays so crazy, chaotic?(I'm on my second pot of coffee)
Maybe, this post, blog day theme, meme, follow up, needs a new name...
I'll worry about it later!

On to more important business!

This week I have really been trying to get so much together!
I've been working on homeschool stuff, blogging, crocheting projects for the craft show(less than 4 weeks away!!!), and trying to miserably finish the book I'm stuck on! I would like to get one review done this month over on:
 A Novel Experience

Homeschool Business:
Little E has been painting up a mess of wonderful Fall pictures. We've been doing so much with her alphabet, numbers, and some fun learning games(more of this on Friday's post)!

Blogging Business:
I have been researching and working super hard on my Blog! I have found some wonderful ladies to help answer my never ending questions!...There will be more!
Super awesome shout outs to:

Confessions of Parenting

A Splendid Messy Life

Just Redefine

I have joined a ton of FB groups and even came across a great follow up to join in on! Michele over at:
Confessions of Parenting is hosting a link up party, Wandering Wednesday! It is such a great way to not only get your name linked up, but also to meet other great bloggers. Everyone loves to get love! Make sure you stop by!

Crochet Business:
I have been crocheting so much my hands are starting to cramp up!
I'm seriously down to crunch time people! I have made so many hats, headwraps, and boot cuffs!
Luckily, I enjoy it so much, and it usually is relaxing. I can just curl up and work on something while Little E watches a movie or plays at my feet.
Since I need a visual for this post:

Here are a few things I have been working on! I'm also thinking about  hoping to get a real Facebook page up and running. I need to combine my blog and my crafts. The one I currently have started out just for crochet projects, but it is becoming too much to handle all the different pages for each aspect.
We'll see how it goes! Stay tuned for that "project"!

Book Business:
The book I'm currently reading is:
A Girl Named Zippy
I guess that's about it for my Wednesday!
Shwooo. I need stronger coffee!
What is your Work in Progress? How many projects do you have?

OH! And I got a Twitter!  <<< Come See!
Okay, okay, I got it 2009, but I revamped it, and I'm actually using it now! LOL

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