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October 9, 2017

What's That Quote #4

Happy Monday Y'all!

Today's quote is brought to you by thoughts on how I continually self sabotage.

" Don't wait for everything to be perfect before you decide to enjoy life"
Joyce Meyer

I am a "waiter"...
I admit, not proudly that I live with a lot of fears and phobias.
I find that I am continuously waiting...
Waiting until we have more money.
Waiting until we can all go together(vacations, adventures, outings)
Waiting until the weather is warmer, better
Waiting until the school year is over
Waiting until the kids are older
Waiting until we have all we will need
Waiting until we are more prepared

I'm not even sure how or why I became this way. 
I can't pinpoint any one event or memory that gave me such fear of just...doing.
I can honestly say that this has given me a lot of disappointments and missed opportunities.
I hate that. I hate that I do it to myself, over and over.
It is a sad thing to live in fear of so much. 
Failure, disappointments, missing out.
It is definitely something that I have to pray about and continue to work on daily.
I thank God daily for my loving and understanding husband, who comforts me and continuously pulls me out of my comfort zone. He has faith in me and encourages me to do more, be more than I ever would on my own.
I hope that our children see this and learn to enjoy their lives without waiting for things to be perfect.
To enjoy life without the fear and instead live in faith.
Our God is so awesome and He truly gives us the people we need in our lives. 
I truly believe we, as humans are made and given to each other for a greater purpose.
To make each other better and to make our lives a blessing to others.

My days will never be perfect, but I am trying to find something perfect in every day.
I'm tired of waiting. I have hopes and dreams and adventures still to take.
Do you?
What are you waiting for?

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