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November 8, 2017

WIP Wednesday Craft Fair and Crochet Pattern

Craft Fair and Crochet Pattern

I just participated in my very first craft fair this past Saturday.
Let me tell you, it was very exciting! My mom and I signed up together and shared a booth/table.
It was at a local church that my best friend happens to attend and work at. This was actually their first craft fair in over twenty years.
I have to say it was a huge success for them and a great experience for us. The atmosphere and friendly people made it such a great first experience. They are even talking about having it twice a year now. Once in the Spring and again next Autumn.
I learned a few tips from fellow crafters about set up, pricing and expectations. also, I've found some creative ways, over on Pinterest to improve my display table and make printable tags or labels.
I even made a little over $40! So, not too bad for my first show!

Crochet Pattern

Okay, I finally accomplished tried to complete an actual pattern. I mean all the way through...from start to finish!
I found an easy and awesome pattern over at
The pattern is here for:
It is listed as a level 2 easy pattern and uses less than one skein of yarn.
I really wanted this to turn out so great and be exactly like the pattern.
And, well, it probably would have, or at least came close if I had done a little refresher course on my stitches.
Apparently, I made the entire(ginormous!) hat in DC instead of the called for HDC...ooops!
I had to laugh at myself!
So, it didn't turn out exactly like the pattern, but it did make a hat! So, I suppose it wasn't a total waste of yarn.
Lesson to learn:
Double check pattern/stitches and use the correct one!
Check out my other great patterns and crochet finds over here: Crochet patterns and ideas
Oh, and I haven't done the braided tails yet. I plan to add those but haven't chosen a color yet.
What color for guys? I'm assuming it will have to fit a larger a man. LOL
Do men wear white hats?

What are you working on this week? Have you laughed at yourself lately?

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