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June 25, 2018

What's That Quote? #12

I believe EVERY mother needs to hear this!

As a Christian mother, it is hard. We have so much to learn, do, teach, and remember. How do we do it all?
Day in and day out we continue to do our "job".
We have to be completely responsible for another human being. It is not a part time gig! It literally is probably the only job that is 24/7
We are constantly doing things for them, with them, around them. Yes, around them. Even when we aren't doing it directly. You know the saying "Monkey see, monkey do"?
That's it. They will repeat it. Usually, the bad stuff we wish they wouldn't. Why? I have no clue. Million dollar question.
And, even when they aren't with us...we have to constantly be watching out for ourselves. Our health and safety, so that we can go home to them.
A mother's mind is never at rest.
I know I am a constant worrier(working on that).
I am continuously thinking, praying, worrying about my babies. I even do this with children that aren't biologically mine! Siblings, nieces, nephews, cousins, and friends' babies. By the way, anyone under the age of 25 years old is a baby to me.

I don't know how mother's can do any of this job without God!
I know I still struggle with giving control to God. I pray and try to let go but it is a tough one. 
How do I know what is MY responsibility and what I should just let go of?
Well, I pray...A Lot!
We all what to do our best. Be the best at this mommin' job.
I strive everyday to remember to give praise to God for these most precious gifts. My babies are my whole world. They are my reason and my soul.
No, I'm not perfect. Yes, I mess up. And my children know that.
They also know...I hope, that I love than more than any other human on this Earth and that I try my hardest everyday to make sure they have all they need. I give them the possible. I trust my Lord to give them what is impossible for me.

I have a prayer.
My own personal prayer that I pray every night. Not word for word, but it is my own way of asking God to handle the impossible.
Lord, I come to you and ask that you be with my children always. 
I pray for their health. Physical, mental, and spiritual. That you heal whatever ails them and restore them as only you can.
I pray for their happiness. That you show them the blessings only you can. That their souls cling to you for true happiness.
I pray for their safety. That you be with them and guide them in their days. Keep them from harm and hatred. Show them the true path and keep them from harm.
Lastly, I pray that they always know that they are loved. Not only by us here on Earth but by You. That their soul is loved and wanted by you more than even I could ever love them.
In Jesus' name I pray this. Amen.
I am a true believer in the power of prayer. As a mother some days that is my greatest comfort. Knowing that I have done the possible. I prayed!

"As a mother, my job is to take care of the possible and trust God with the impossible."
Ruth Bell Graham

You can learn more about Ruth and her life here:
or read some of her books

None of us mothers are perfect. If you'd like to read a little about my imperfect mothering, you can find it here:
Blessing to all.

June 24, 2018

20 Summer Writing Prompts for Kids

Hey, mommas!
Are you on Summer vacation? or stay-cation, as I am!
Are you like me?  Your kids are driving you crazy with all the long days of,..."We're soooo bored!!"?

I know we've all been there!
Whether you are a working momma or a stay at home momma...we know. 
Are the kids relentless with the days of doing nothing?
"I fed you!" 
"I gave you the TV!"
"Go outside, go play!"
"Have you cleaned....anything today?"

I also get to thinking, what have they been doing all summer?
So, when I really got into creative mom mode, I came up with this great idea of getting them to write!
I know rocket science, right?
Well, it may take some coaxing but if they are bored enough and you can get creative may work!
It never hurts for them to practice! Especially since there isn't much actual writing going on in public schools these days. Everything is done on Chrome books or computers.
So, I make them write. With an actual pencil and paper.
Creative writing, handwriting practice, and a enough "me" time to put on a fresh pot of coffee!

Sometimes our kids need a little creative jump start. So, I made up this great list of ideas for them.
I think most of these cover a pretty wide age group. My own daughters are quite spread out in age, so what may pique one's interest may not for another.

Summer writing prompts for kids

1. Your best/worst day                  11. Best gift
2. Favorite movie                          12. Favorite hobby
3.Favorite meal                             13. Best/worst school subject
4. Best accomplishment                14. Favorite time of day
5. Your wish list                            15. Favorite game/sport/activity
6. Top 3 movies or books              16. A time you were scared
7. Your role model                         17. If you had a super power
8. Best vacation                             18. A goal for the year
9. Best friend                                 19. Make up your own character
10. Favorite holiday                       20. Write your own recipe

I hope these give you some creative ideas.
Do you "make" your kids write during summer?
Do you have some more great prompts?

If you are looking for some more great summer activities for your kids check out The Crafting Chicks, 100 Summer Activities and chart
You can also check out my fun and crafty board over here: Fun Craft Ideas
Happy Summer y'all!

I have added 20 more great ideas to this list! Be sure to also check out:  20 MORE WRITING PROMPTS

June 21, 2018

Why I love Nigerian Dwarf Goats

This may be the perfect goat for me.

I truly am obsessed with these tiny creatures!
While I would never push a specific breed of any animal onto a person. I have no problem expressing my own opinions of why I am in love with them.
So, why am I so obsessed with them?

Why I love Nigerian Dwarf Goats!

1. Cuteness overload!
Seriously, have you ever seen a cuter goat?
They are known for a wide variety of beautiful colors.

2. milk production
These girls can produce up to 2 quarts of milk per day. Their milk is one of the sweetest. It is known for it's high butterfat(6-10%) and high protein. win/win!

3. year round breeding
For me this is great. I don't have to wait until Spring or the "high birthing" season. Kids come all year long! AND, they can average 3 to 4 kids per birth! Did you hear that? 3-4 kids...per birth! Wow Momma! Also the average birth weight is around 2lbs.

4. Long life
The average life span of a healthy Nigerian Dwarf is 12-14 years
That is a long time to have a wonderful companion, pet, farm animal that also will serve a great purpose. The milk is wonderful not only for well...milk but to make soaps, butter, anything.
They can absolutely be an asset to your farm and family, even a business.

5. space savers
I know space is always a factor when bringing any animal into your home/farm.
These little minis only require about 250sq ft per goat. That is the minimum so be thinking a tad more. It is still less room than you would need for a cow!

These are just a few of my top reason I so much love them. There are many more. Such as, personalities. They are each so unique.
In case you missed my #1 reason...Cuteness!

Check out this you tube video if you need more....

June 18, 2018

What's That Quote? #11

Happy "back to reality" Monday y'all!
The day after Father's Day.
After grill outs, summer fun and pool parties.
I hope everyone had an amazing weekend. I sure did. Full of family, food, and fun!
Crazy busy and exactly how we do things around here.
It has been crazy hot here in Ohio. Yesterday was 94F, and felt like 101F with the heat and air advisory.
Thank goodness for the kiddie pool and shade tree!
Although I truly enjoy family time, the heat was brutal! All I really wanted to do was sneak inside to the air conditioning and settle down with my book.
I probably think about reading way too much.
It is truly an obsession  a passion of mine.
So, my quote for today is one I can completely agree with.

What's That Quote?

"Keep reading. it's one of the most marvelous adventures anyone can have."
Lloyd Alexander

I love one of those quotes that really just "get" you.
This is one of them, for me.
Books, to me are the adventure.
From seeing the cover for the first time, or the title, and knowing you are hooked.  Reading those final, concluding words on the last page.
The adventure is there.
No matter what type or genre you desire. Anything from fairy tales to non fiction/self help.
You get it. If you really have that passion for get it.
All the things in between the covers that make your adventure come to life.
The characters, the setting, the struggles, triumphs.
The quotes you treasure.
The emotions that each page brings up.
The questions, mysteries. Who did it? Where are they? What's happening here?
How, why, who...
It definitely is more than just an experience. It is an adventure!

I haven't read any of Lloyd Alexander's books. He mostly wrote children's fantasy, which isn't my genre of choice; but I have looked him up and he has some wonderful quotes.
He appears to be truly passionate about his writing.
I hope each of you that read this will consider taking an adventure of your own. Pick up a book, any book and read!

June 11, 2018

What's That Quote? #10

It's Monday y'all!

Nothing special. Nothing fancy....just Monday.

What's That Quote?

"Embrace the glorious mess that you are."
Elizabeth Gilbert

My interpretation goes a little like this....

To embrace:
by definition is a verb,
to hold, accept or support, adopt or take up...

 a glorious mess= my life

So, Ms. Gilbert, I will/am trying to embrace this glorious mess that I am!

My life, everyday life is definitely defined as a glorious mess.
Glorious that I am beyond blessed. Blessed beyond my understanding or my deserving.
I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, sister, friend...
I am loved, truly loved. I have a roof over my head, food to eat, plenty of clothes, chores, hobbies, entertainment.
I am healthy, my children are healthy, and I have many reasons to be thankful.

But, I am also human. I have things I long for. 
I have goals and dreams. I have frustrations and trouble dealing with what I cannot control. I still have days where I am just...stuck.
My "mess" is a daily battle that only God and I can conquer.

Life doesn't always go as we plan it. There are things on a daily basis that I have planned or want to accomplish a specific way. Usually that is when the "mess' slips in.
An unscheduled softball practice, a sick child, a drive thru dinner, a dwindling bank account, a missing ingredient, car trouble...
Ever have those days?
We all do.
I am trying to learn to roll with it. I am trying to remember the blessings in between these messes.
I am trying to not let the little set backs pull me too far from my goals.
It definitely is not my easiest task, nor a virtue I have come by naturally.
What are some of your "messes"?
How do you "Embrace the glorious mess that you are"?

If you would like to read more great quotes or any of her books, you can find her here: