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June 24, 2018

20 Summer Writing Prompts for Kids

Hey, mommas!
Are you on Summer vacation? or stay-cation, as I am!
Are you like me?  Your kids are driving you crazy with all the long days of,..."We're soooo bored!!"?

I know we've all been there!
Whether you are a working momma or a stay at home momma...we know. 
Are the kids relentless with the days of doing nothing?
"I fed you!" 
"I gave you the TV!"
"Go outside, go play!"
"Have you cleaned....anything today?"

I also get to thinking, what have they been doing all summer?
So, when I really got into creative mom mode, I came up with this great idea of getting them to write!
I know rocket science, right?
Well, it may take some coaxing but if they are bored enough and you can get creative may work!
It never hurts for them to practice! Especially since there isn't much actual writing going on in public schools these days. Everything is done on Chrome books or computers.
So, I make them write. With an actual pencil and paper.
Creative writing, handwriting practice, and a enough "me" time to put on a fresh pot of coffee!

Sometimes our kids need a little creative jump start. So, I made up this great list of ideas for them.
I think most of these cover a pretty wide age group. My own daughters are quite spread out in age, so what may pique one's interest may not for another.

Summer writing prompts for kids

1. Your best/worst day                  11. Best gift
2. Favorite movie                          12. Favorite hobby
3.Favorite meal                             13. Best/worst school subject
4. Best accomplishment                14. Favorite time of day
5. Your wish list                            15. Favorite game/sport/activity
6. Top 3 movies or books              16. A time you were scared
7. Your role model                         17. If you had a super power
8. Best vacation                             18. A goal for the year
9. Best friend                                 19. Make up your own character
10. Favorite holiday                       20. Write your own recipe

I hope these give you some creative ideas.
Do you "make" your kids write during summer?
Do you have some more great prompts?

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Happy Summer y'all!

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