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June 18, 2018

What's That Quote? #11

Happy "back to reality" Monday y'all!
The day after Father's Day.
After grill outs, summer fun and pool parties.
I hope everyone had an amazing weekend. I sure did. Full of family, food, and fun!
Crazy busy and exactly how we do things around here.
It has been crazy hot here in Ohio. Yesterday was 94F, and felt like 101F with the heat and air advisory.
Thank goodness for the kiddie pool and shade tree!
Although I truly enjoy family time, the heat was brutal! All I really wanted to do was sneak inside to the air conditioning and settle down with my book.
I probably think about reading way too much.
It is truly an obsession  a passion of mine.
So, my quote for today is one I can completely agree with.

What's That Quote?

"Keep reading. it's one of the most marvelous adventures anyone can have."
Lloyd Alexander

I love one of those quotes that really just "get" you.
This is one of them, for me.
Books, to me are the adventure.
From seeing the cover for the first time, or the title, and knowing you are hooked.  Reading those final, concluding words on the last page.
The adventure is there.
No matter what type or genre you desire. Anything from fairy tales to non fiction/self help.
You get it. If you really have that passion for get it.
All the things in between the covers that make your adventure come to life.
The characters, the setting, the struggles, triumphs.
The quotes you treasure.
The emotions that each page brings up.
The questions, mysteries. Who did it? Where are they? What's happening here?
How, why, who...
It definitely is more than just an experience. It is an adventure!

I haven't read any of Lloyd Alexander's books. He mostly wrote children's fantasy, which isn't my genre of choice; but I have looked him up and he has some wonderful quotes.
He appears to be truly passionate about his writing.
I hope each of you that read this will consider taking an adventure of your own. Pick up a book, any book and read!

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