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July 12, 2018

20 MORE Summer Writing Prompts For kids

20 MORE Summer Writing Prompts For Kids

Hi y'all.
I wanted to take the chance to add another great list of writing prompts before Summer officially ends. If you missed my first list, be sure to check it out:
In Ohio, we only have about 28 days left before all the kids head back to their 8 hours of structured confinement. 
I'm using this time to let them use those little brains as creatively as possible! 
Yes, these are prompts, but please use them as just that. Let the littles come up with a few of their own!
I know it is a huge confidence booster when they realize how creative they can be all on their own.
So, mommas....prompt and let go! Let them write.

1. Make a superhero
2. My greatest adventure
3. Build the perfect ice cream sundae
4. If I was inside/on my favorite television show
5. My dream grocery store list(what I would buy)
6. If I lived 100 years ago
7. My favorite indoor games
8. A perfect day at school
9. Plan my own themed party
10. A day at the zoo I designed
11. My dream bedroom
12. If I was the parent for a day
13. My imaginary pet
14. What I like best about being me
15. Worst chore ever
16. If it was always Winter
17. Best memory with Mom or Dad
18. If there weren't any cars/trains/airplanes
19. My dream job/career
20. If I could switch places with anyone

Well, here is my list of 20 more...
Have your kids done much writing over Summer vacation?
What was their favorite thing to write about?
I'd love to hear from you!
Keep checking back for more fun ideas.


Mrs Shauna said...

Thank you great list ❤

Mrs Shauna said...

Btw I am in Ohio too 😉

coffeewastedmomma said...

That's awesome! I'm just north of Cincy. I'm glad you enjoyed the list.

Anonymous said...

Keep on working, great job!