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July 1, 2018

Super Easy Summer Craft For Kids~Paper Plate Fans

Summer Easy and Fun
Paper Plate Fans

I am dying in this heat!
Here in Ohio, the last three days have been above 90F.
I was not made for Winter...but this heat, no rain, no breeze is about to kill me.

I have this very persuasive four year old that is determined we are going to do a craft every day..Every. Single. Day. this week. OUTSIDE!
Yes, she is also very specific. outdoor craft that is quick, easy,!(saving up for my iced coffee!)

I jump over to my wonderful Pinterest board filled with tons of great ideas. Seriously, my biggest addiction next to my babies and coffee!

I found this craft...
By the way...She is awesome! Check out her stuff! I have been following her for awhile and she always has something new.

These are so cute and easy to make.
The supplies are things you probably already have on hand. Bonus!

Supply List:
paper plates

popsicle sticks or "crafting sticks"

Elmer's glue or glue gun and sticks

crayons, paint or markers

scissors(my brain is melting. I just had to to spell scissors!)

stickers, googly eyes, stencils, foam stamps...

Cut plates in half(2 fans)
Decorate, design and embellish your half plate
If using paint or anything glued, wait until dried.
Glue 2 popsicle sticks into a "V"(wider is better) for gripping your fan/handle
Then glue the other 2 ends to the back of your "fan"
(press firmly)
Allow to dry
Fan away!!
So, I survived the heat and we got them all finished. I think we made about 8 in total. I even got the middle daughter to join in!
They turned out super cute and...very useful! mommy!
I hope you give these a try and always check back for more fun, cheap, easy crafts!
We have great ideas!
Happy July!
Share your fun ideas!

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