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July 18, 2018

The Kindness Rocks Project~ Kid Edition

The Kindness Rocks Project
What is it anyway?

The mission is:
One message at just the right moment can change someone's entire day, outlook, life

It all started when Megan Murphy was walking along the beach looking for a sign. A message to help her decide what to do.
With a sharpie in her pocket, rocks all around her, and an idea, she decided to not wait for a message but instead...leave one. A message of kindness for someone to find.
You can find out more about the origins and her story over at the website.

Our Kindness Rocks

The Kid Edition:
I really wanted to do this with all my kids and niece and nephew. We could all use a chance to be kind to others. I wanted to make this as kid-friendly as possible and still teach them the lesson I was aiming for.
My main approach was getting them to think of ways that each of them could be kind to someone.
The most popular answer was "I can share."
When you are age 3-7, that is a huge act of kindness!

Starting off I had already gathered and cleaned as many "good" rocks as I could find in our yard and garden.(Thankfully, when my husband roto-tilled, it turned up tons of rocks!) We used what we had and they were all different sizes and shapes.

I knew the kids would need some help and prompting to figure out what their "message" would be.
We talked a lot about ways we are kind and things that make us feel happy.
I love their answers. Everything from Spiderman to Mom's cooking.
They shared that they felt kind when we love each other and when they play with their friends.

We decided instead of just using words as a message, it was easier(and fun) to really let them paint and show what kindness and being happy means to them.
Sometimes it was a bright color, a pattern or a rainbow.
Some they made into food or a character they like. Some painted trees or nature.
I love how they are all so unique and personal.
Isn't that kind of the point? Shouldn't our Kindness rocks be personal?
I am so proud of them and how much they learned and shared.

Now we get to leave them all over. 
We have taken some to the lake and the park. Leaving them around a tree or by a shelter.
We have a whole coffee can full of our kindness rocks to leave around and share.

Here are some of ours we made

I hope you enjoy our
The Kindness Rocks Project~ Kid Edition
Be sure to check out the website and always
share your story.