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July 16, 2018

What's That Quote? #15

I'm just going to call this a Manic Monday!
It has been one of those days, y'all!
I could almost scream...or cry. I don't know which would make me feel better.
Today's quote is basically coined by yours truly, and I seem to be saying it a lot today!

"What the Shit????" ~ Trema(CoffeeWastedMomma)

Which is pretty much what I say whenever I just don't know what is going on or I give up trying to figure it out!

I'm not sure if the Friday the thirteenth curse is carrying over to today or what!
Today has not been my most productive.
This past weekend was filled with traveling for softball tournaments so I was already off schedule and trying to get up early today to cram in what all needed accomplished.
I already had my quote for today picked out and saved.
I could have sworn I had my pic for today's post already edited and saved.(Apparently...I did not!)
My notes jotted down, etc.
I did find those, but not useful at this point.
I overslept so the coffee my darling had made was already getting cold, as the pot is only timed to stay on for 2 hours after it brews! I know criminal...

I had to do a few things outside before the rain came...which it still hasn't 4 hours later! So, I rushed to do garden chores for nothing! But we did get a crap ton of green beans and 1 large tomato.

(photo from an old post)
Well, because...every post has to have a photo, this one was pre-edited and it is also one of my favorite...
It's Kentucky, doesn't have to be anything in particular, it is just that.
Here is where the pic was originally posted:
Jump over, it was a good post.

Now, I've been trying to grab a new quote and write a whole post about something I haven't had time to really put my mind into...What the shit?...right?
I know!

My photo didn't save, my quote is less than planned or thought out.
My stupid BeFunky~ Photo Editing Site keeps crashing shockwave.
I have no quote, no photo, no thoughts...
So, I am hoping y'all can laugh and scream with me today. Chalk it up to "What The Shit?" Monday and carry on with me!
I promise their are better days to come!

P.S. If there is a weird code at the bottom and not my signature....Well...
What The Shit?
Something else that isn't working right today. I'll check back to see and try to fix that also!

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