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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

35 NO SCREEN Activities For Kids

Do you worry about how much screen time your child gets?
Do you know how much is too much?

I know we've all seen or heard the phrase "Cut the Cable". It is one of the latest trends in television.
I also know that it is mainly due to the economy and people trying to find ways to cut back costs, save a few bucks a month, or to get a better selection of what they view. Why pay for channels and programs you don't watch!?
But, what about cutting out screen time completely?
Okay, not completely, 100 % of the time.  I mean cutting...wayyy back.
Did you know that using game systems, tablets, cell phones, and computers, are also considered screen time?
Studies have shown the many effects that too much screen time or stimulation can cause on children.
Did you know that too much screen time can effect children's sleep patterns, eating habits, and over all physical health. It can also cause difficulties in school, difficulty focusing for long periods, and behavior issues; such as, aggression, depression, social anxiety, and more.
Check this out:
Screen Free

Do you have NO SCREEN DAYS?
I used to. When we had our own home, we were cable free for over three years. We also had days where I didn't allow the televisions to be turned on at all! No tablets, television, game systems, computers, and occasionally they could listen to music or have ear buds for a limited time on those days.
Those days we had to find other ways to occupy our hours.
I admit some days seemed to drag on and some days I caved in and let the television be turned on. We aren't perfect, but making a conscience decision to try and limit screen time for everyone is a good step.
I know for some this task is easier than it is for others. Most of us have had access to all these devises for quite a few years and our children most likely have never been without at least one of them.
Remember the days of one "family TV" , with 3 channels and everyone had to watch the same show or nothing at all.
Ah, those were the days. For myself, no screen days is pretty simple
Oh, wait, oops. No scratch that!
I do my work on the computer, mostly have my phone at the ready; constantly checking emails, texts, etc.
See, we all need a little less visual stimulation in our lives!
How are we going to do this NO Screen Thing?
Well, I'm glad you asked! I've come up with a list of 35 NO SCREEN Activities For Kids!
Hey, parents! Don't be afraid to join in.
Children learn by example!

1.Read a book
2. Do sidewalk chalk/play hopscotch
3.Sing a song-silliest wins!
4. Color/draw/paint
5.Build with blocks or Legos
6.Do a puzzle/jigsaw/maze
7. Run a race
8. Play dress up
9.Build a blanket fort
10.Play in the sand or dirt or mud!
11.Play a card game
12.Have a scavenger hunt
13. Play I Spy or Would you Rather
14. Walk to a park
15. Play a game of catch or wiffle ball
16. Throw a Frisbee
17.Play house
18. Play career, be a doctor, teacher, veterinarian 
19.Play grocery store or restaurant- cashier/customer
20.Have a water balloon fight
21.Blow bubbles, make a water station
22.Call a friend, grandma, cousin
23. Make a snack, create a recipe
24. Go to a farm or petting zoo
25. Play with play-doh( who doesn't love this stuff...right?)
26.Give your toys a wash/clean up
27. Do arts and crafts
28. Play school
29. Play with a pet you have
30. Make homemade slime
31. Have a picnic indoors or outside
32. Go watch a ball game
33. Ride a bike, skateboard, scooter, rollerskates
34. Go to the library
35. Go bowling

I hope this list gives you some great ideas for your NO SCREEN days!
I would love to hear any other ideas you've found!
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