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August 6, 2018

What's That Quote? #18

What's That Quote?
 Y'all, I do not know why I decided it was a good idea to do my one true, weekly posts on Mondays!
What was I thinking???
Seriously, I am struggling!
Not just with this blog and keeping consistent, but!
I already have some issues I am dealing with on the daily. Today, we have hit another...set back, inconvenience...struggle.
One more thing to add to our plate.
Today's quote, quite literally fits my day. My Monday.

"The struggle is part of your story." 
Author Unknown

Let me just say, this is going to be one hell of a story! 
I do not know who the author is that came up with this quote, but I'm pretty sure they know MY LIFE!
It probably would be easier and more organized/readable to do a bullet list post of my struggles.
Ya know, like a top 10 or something funny like that. I'd have to just laugh through it to keep myself from crying, breaking down, and completely losing it!
I really am a firm believer in finding the blessings in everyday. I know each day I have plenty of blessings and things to be grateful for. I truly do. 
Sometimes, I feel like the more I try to be good and do right and fight to be a better Christian, a better wife and mother; the more the Devil knocks me back!
I am struggling!
I hate that every time I have an ounce of peace or hope that this is it! This is the time we start seeing our hard work pay off...BAM! Back on our arses!
I'm tired of getting the kids hopes up and seeing them have that sparkle back only to have to say...Oops, my bad. Nope, can't do it!

I have been working really,...really hard and being consistent with this blog. Actually, putting in the work to try and earn a little extra to help out. I have spent hours studying, researching, reading, typing, trying new things, all to get better at this and finally start contributing.
I've been shopping and bought up a TON of new books to get little E into her preschool and reading(also to add more to my blog posts).
I feel like I'm doing all this for us, for them to better myself, for them!
I had a peace that I was getting somewhere, getting ahead.

Today, my darling calls at 10:50 am...odd because his lunch isn't until 11 am.
Hmmm. I answer the phone and hear...
"Babe, I just got fired!"
Ummmm, Excuse me...what?

Long story short, the company decided after 9 days that his contract was costing them too much and it would be an inconvenience to start over and train him elsewhere, so he could take $2.25 pay cut to be a general employee, or he could walk. He refused to walk ot on his job or take another pay cut, so they said, "Sorry, bye!"
Y'all, I'm struggling!
I need prayer! We need prayer!
How in this world do we get ahead?
Here is a part of My Struggle,...My Story
What are you struggling with today?

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