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August 27, 2018

What's That Quote? #21(Parenting)

It's Monday again y'all!
Who's ready for today's quote and tidbits of my life?

This quote made me chuckle a bit at first, and then I thought...
Wow! This is pretty accurate!

I have three daughters. Their ages are pretty spread out.
They are 20, 15, and almost 5 years old. You would think by now, with 20 years experience under my apron, I would have figured out how to drive this bus! I thought so too.
Apparently Martha(the name my girl's gave our real GPS) has other plans!

To be honest with y'all, most days I am just as lost as I was in 1998 when I brought home my first wrinkled and crying bundle of hunkin' love.
I have no clue where we are headed most days. There is no point in planning our route.
God, or the weather, someone, or something in life is going to be thrown in my path of peace and say..."Recalculating!"

And, I am sure y'all are familiar enough with life to know that by the time you get turned around; you've missed the next step/turn anyway and are now just winging it and hoping to reach your destination unscathed, and before they run out of chicken nuggets, or have to go potty in the backseat.

Short and sweet for today:
Parenthood is basically driving around in your mini van, cranking up the radio, dodging crayons being thrown at the back of your head, tuning out your little's pleas, trying to figure out what the sh*t that smell is, wondering if that light on the dash is important, Did I remember my wallet, and hoping you are headed in the right direction.

I have already made coffee, made the bed, dealt with a toddler melt down, taken daughter #1 to work, daughter #2 to doctor, then to school, then back home, gotten laundry gathered,...oh, and wrote a whole post(pics included) all before 10 am!
How's your Monday morning going?
What are your parenting U turns you deal with?

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