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September 25, 2018

Recipe: Jello Flavored Candy Popcorn! Yum!

Super Gooey Jello Candy Popcorn 

Hi Y'all! I am super excited to share one of our favorite snack recipes with you!
It is so yummy. Super easy and doesn't take a lot of time.

My sister had a birthday party for my niece this past weekend. The theme was all things junk food! Pretzels, pizza, ice cream, cake, and...popcorn! Well, and unicorns, of course!
She calls at the last minute and asks us to make a ton of microwave popcorn. 
We popped 6 bags...
We came home with 3... as in 3 huge ice cream tubs full(we recycle) of popped popcorn!
I just couldn't let it sit and go stale and be wasted!
So, we decided to go for our old tried and true recipe. We whipped up our yummy Jello Flavored Candy Popcorn. 
We used Raspberry jello for this one! See in the picture that wonderful shiny pink? It tastes as good as it looks!
Here is my recipe

  • Line a cookie sheet with wax paper.
  • Spray the paper with any cooking spray
  • Pour out your popcorn onto a sheet and set aside
  • On medium heat, mix corn syrup and sugar in a sauce pan
  • bring to a boil, stir until all sugar is melted 
  • add entire pack of jello powder
  • allow to boil and mix well until all jello is dissolved
  • remove from heat
  • carefully drizzle or pour mixture over popcorn slowly and as evenly as possible(Extreme Caution! It is boiling sugar!)
  • using a spoon or spatula, toss and coat all popcorn
  • Allow to cool or refrigerate a few minutes(I like it a tad still warm)

That's it! It is so easy and only takes about 10 minutes!
Remember, you can try any flavor and the colors are amazing!
(corn syrup makes everything shiny!)
Enjoy your very own fun treat!

September 24, 2018

What's That Quote? #24(Just Keep Swimming)

What's That Quote Monday

Oh, Monday!
Per the norm, I am struggling today! I feel like each Monday is getting harder for me to get back to any sort of routine. Every weekend is anticipated and then rushed through. I need a break, a re-boot...

"Just Keep Swimming..."

This smart little fish knows what I am talking about!
Some days that is all I can do! And, I have to admit, it isn't just Mondays. Why should they take all the heat?
It could be a crappy Wednesday or the longest Friday in months. I really have no idea anymore. Most of the time, I'm not completely sure what day it is...
My life is like a big snowball rolling through life getting more and more chaotic each day. I am so overwhelmed, drained, and out of it; I'm not entirely sure how I'm still functioning!
Well, that isn't true. I do know how!
My God! Literally!
He gives me strength every day to keep swimming. To keep going in this crazy life.
He always gives me exactly what I need for the day. Whether it be more energy, more quiet time, more nourishment, or more patience. He knows, and he provides. It may not seem like it in the moment. But, at the end of my day when I reflect on all that I have accomplished, or when I wake up ready to do it all again. Whatever that day is going to bring, I know He is there and will provide. He will get me through.

A few of my current struggles, or things I have been dealing with lately are, my husband being unemployed for over two months, trying to juggle our bills and watching our savings disappear quickly. Our second daughter had a concussion from a volleyball accident on august 23rd and she is still suffering from headaches(also, still no health insurance). She is in her first year of high school, so that means homecoming and parade are quickly, money.
We've also had three deaths in our family in the last eight days. My sister's mother-in-law, a dear family friend, and a cousin that had failing health for years. I also have two cousins and my best friend going through high risk pregnancies.
This is on top of all my other, everyday struggles. Especially, with my anxiety.
I just keep swimming...

I know each one of us has our own challenges. Everyone's are different and we each deal with them differently.
What we may think, "Oh.That's nothing!" could be a huge struggle for someone else.
I know, I've said it myself.
I try very hard not to down play someone's struggles. I know what it feels like. I know what it is like to feel completely overwhelmed and feel like no one understands. or worse, no one cares.
Just keep swimming, but you don't have to swim alone.
Remember there is always someone who will do a few laps with you and if you need to; get out of the water! Take a break and then jump back in!

Happy Monday Y'all!

September 14, 2018

Halloween Craft For Kids-Funky Pumpkins/Jack-O-Lanterns

Funky Halloween Pumpkin Craft

As many of my fellow blogging mommas know, in order to actually have an awesome seasonal or holiday post out and floating around the internet in time for people to find it, view it, and make it useful; we have to get a head start and be planning WAY early!
Well, that is the plan...
I had been jumping around Pinterest, the web, and other blogs, trying to find a few great craft ideas for Halloween.
I have found several, but finding the time and getting my little actually interested in wanting to do them is another story.
We did manage to find one that she was pretty excited to get started on.
It was the using scissors part!
 I'm not sure if I should be proud that she does so well and wants to practice, or terrified that my new five year old has a scissor obsession?!?!

Anyway, the craft is a simple cut, decorate, and glue project aimed for toddlers and younger kids.
You can find the original post and give a shout out here to:

Funky Pumpkins
  • construction paper
  • stick or bottle glue
  • scissors
  • old magazines or newspapers
optional decorations
  • googly eyes
  • beads
  • pipe cleaners

You will need to take your construction paper and cut out "pumpkin"(orange) shapes and the stems(green), then glue stems to back of pumpkins
I worked on this part while she cut out eyes, noses, and mouths from magazines.
This seemed to keep her busy and also reduce her glue use. LOL

Once everything is cut out, we decided to see how silly we could make them. The point was to not "match" eyes, nose, and mouth that typically looked normal. The funkier the better...and cuter.

After you allow them to dry, you can glue to a solid sheet of construction paper or use them individually however you like.
A fun idea is to use them as cards for friends. Write a spooky message on the back and give them out.

Here are a few we made. They turned out so silly and the little really had fun deciding which eyes or nose to add to which pumpkin.
You can always use different colors or make your pumpkins into different shapes.

I hope you enjoyed our quick craft. Be sure to check out our other craft ideas
If you are looking for some spooky books for your littles, be sure to check out my post here
Enjoy and Happy Halloween! Be sure to share your ideas or post pics if you try our craft!

September 10, 2018

What's That Quote? #23(Summer into Fall)

" And all at once, Summer collapsed into Fall."
Oscar Wilde

I have to admit, I have not read anything written by Mr. Wilde. I do know of many of his book titles, but honestly just haven't given any a try.
I'm not big into poetry, it just isn't my thing. And, I suppose, I've just not really had any interest in picking up any of his books.
I am however familiar with several of his quotes, mainly through Goodreads or other book-ish websites I use.
I find them witty and timeless.
I found this one particularly fitting today.

Here is grand ole Ohio, we literally went from weeks and weeks of  HOTT, dry days well above 80*F by 11am, to waking up to a flood warning, rain, rain, more rain, and thunderstorms with temps barely reaching a high of 68*F today. We are on day 3 of this downpour and it doesn't look like it will be letting up anytime soon.
I even caught a glimpse of some potential hurricane and high wind storms in the next few days due to everything moving farther north and inland.
So, yes, all at once summer has collapsed into fall!
I did quickly check my local ten day forecast, and it seems we may get a glimpse of what is left of this summer in the next week. Per Ohio, our chances are slim!
I'm not ready!
I am not one of those,... Ooooh, hoodies, flannels, bonfires, and all things pumpkin spice kind of girls. I am always cold, or cold if it is under 80*F and some people decide to crank the A/C down to 66 or so.
I want cook outs, pool parties, movie at the park, summer festivals, bikinis, and sunglasses!
I was not made for Fall or Winter.
I am 5' and pushing 110lbs. I have anemia and I need heat! Sunshine and blistering warmth!
I need Summer to hold out...just a little while longer!

I do love a good thunderstorm. That is, on the days when we can stay inside, snuggle up, be lazy, read a good book or watch an old movie, drink a cup of hot coffee and enjoy it. Not on the days when we have to venture out and be productive in the outside world!
In my perfect world, thunderstorms would only happen on weekends when we have nothing major planned, between the months of April and September.
The storms would happen after 7/8pm when we are already home and done with the majority of our day, and they would last all night long. I always sleep the best during thunderstorms.
The temperature would slowly began to rise with the sunrise and slowly dry out throughout the day.
You my perfect forecast world.
I know, crazy...but that's how I would have it.
I'm just not ready for Fall. This whole year has flown by way too fast. I feel like I have jet lag from trying to cram all our Summer adventures into the last few weeks.
Between back to school happening earlier every year, sports, birthdays, holidays, and the rest of my crazy life, it is just too fast!

How is the weather where you are? 
Are you ready for Fall? 
Do you welcome it or are you clinging to Summer like me?

September 7, 2018

Halloween and Fall Books For Kids

*post contains affiliate links

I've also added a fun Halloween packet to print out.

Who has kids busting at their little seams getting excited about Halloween?

I can't believe how early and how fast it seems to come every year!
I keep thinking the fourth of July was like...last month! Oh no, it's already September. Wow!
Too fast!

I have had this list of books sitting around. Taking my time getting cover photos and editing them, trying to pick a few of our favorites and seeing which ones others seem to favor.
Then, I realized today that everyone is posting, pinning, and sharing all of their Halloween and Fall stuff already! (Walmart already has real pumpkins for sale!!!)
Well, I can't be falling behind any more than I apparently already am!

We have read several of these books. I have also added some we have not read, but I am certainly going to shop for them.

Used Children's Books at Awesome Prices

Without further ado...

Great Halloween and Fall Books

Room on The Broom
This is one of our absolute favorites! It is a fast paced, rhyming story about a witch who has a few visitors on her broom.

The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin
This book is about a pumpkin that doesn't look like all the others in the patch, but soon he shows them how different can be a good thing.

Pinkalicious and the Pink Pumpkin
Pinkalicious is all things pink! Even her pumpkin! If she can find one...

The Berenstain Bears and the Spooky Old Tree
Do they dare go there? Do they dare go in to the Spooky Old Tree?

Boo Who? A Lift and Flap story
Cute little book to show different Halloween things.

Peter Rabbit and the Pumpkin Patch
Peter and Benjamin are on another adventure into Mr. McGregor's garden.

The Berenstain Bears go on a Ghost Walk

Click, Clack, Boo by Doreen Cronin
The Tiniest Pumpkin by Janet Craig
We're Off to Find the Witch's House by Richard Krieb
Arthur's Halloween by Marc Brown
Fletcher and the Falling Leaves by Julia Rawlinson
Franklin's Pumpkin by Sharon Jennings
Bernstain Bears Harvest Festival by Stan Bernstain
There was an Old Lady who swallowed Some Leaves by Lucille Colandro
We're Going on a Leaf Hunt by Steve Metzger
Even more Awesome books @ Scholastic Kids

I know there are so many more I could list. I'm sure I will come back and add as I find more great books!
I hope you enjoy these. Please comment and share any that you've read and love!
What is your kid's favorite spooky book?

September 3, 2018

What's That Quote? #22 ( Dreams)

"Is a dream the ultimate freedom, or the ultimate prison?"
Buffi Neal
(Wonderfully Dysfunctional)

Today's quote came from a book I recently read. 
Wonderfully Dysfunctional: It Must Be Genetic
I have to say this book is definitely one of my favorites, and it will be one that really sticks with me.
You can read more about it and also my review over at A Novel Experience
I really hope you do. This book is full of wonderful quotes. The kind that really make you think.

  One of the reasons I chose this quote is because it asks us a question. It makes you think about how we perceive things differently. When I think of this quote I see it as "eyes wide open" dreams, not the sound asleep sort of dreams.
I really have been in a place where I am starting to wonder myself. Even before this quote came up.
Am I holding on to a dream so hard that I am imprisoned? A lot of days it feels exactly like that! I have these dreams, and I can't see any way for them to become a reality. Every day seems to be taking me farther from what I dream about. Every day that my life changes. My bank account gets smaller, my children grow older, circumstances keep changing(not in my favor), my own life...keeps going. Day and day and I am no closer to my dream.
So, am I trapped, imprisoned in this dream that most possibly will never be a reality?

I truly believe in dreaming. It is what gives us hope. It keeps us going. If we didn't have hope, goals, DREAMS, what would be the point in looking forward to tomorrow? I get that! I really do. I want my daughters to know that it is okay to dream. I completely encourage them to chase every one they have.
I don't want them to let anyone or anything stop them from chasing their own dreams and passions.
I just don't want them to feel this weight of imprisonment that may come with it.
Dreams shouldn't hurt. They shouldn't make us feel stuck or helpless, or even hopeless!

I want them to light up from the inside out and have that gorgeous smile that they can't contain when they think about their dreams, or talk about them. I want them to feel freedom when they dream.
I don't want them to look and feel like I do when someone mentions my dreams. The saddened look of...yea, maybe, someday...
All the while I'm crumbling inside. Thinking, knowing. Telling myself, "It's not gonna happen. Just smile and move on."
I hate that feeling. I hate that I can't even think about it or talk about it without feeling completely crushed on the inside.
I still have some hope. I know that God has a plan for me...I'm just completely blind to what that is at the moment. I will still dream. I will pray that God sees a way to show me where I am supposed to be.
I will be thankful for my blessings and try to let my dreams be my freedom.

I would love to hear how you take this quote! That is one of the main reasons I do these, "What's That Quote?" posts! I want to know how someone else sees or interprets the same quote.
Happy Monday!