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September 14, 2018

Halloween Craft For Kids-Funky Pumpkins/Jack-O-Lanterns

Funky Halloween Pumpkin Craft

As many of my fellow blogging mommas know, in order to actually have an awesome seasonal or holiday post out and floating around the internet in time for people to find it, view it, and make it useful; we have to get a head start and be planning WAY early!
Well, that is the plan...
I had been jumping around Pinterest, the web, and other blogs, trying to find a few great craft ideas for Halloween.
I have found several, but finding the time and getting my little actually interested in wanting to do them is another story.
We did manage to find one that she was pretty excited to get started on.
It was the using scissors part!
 I'm not sure if I should be proud that she does so well and wants to practice, or terrified that my new five year old has a scissor obsession?!?!

Anyway, the craft is a simple cut, decorate, and glue project aimed for toddlers and younger kids.
You can find the original post and give a shout out here to:

Funky Pumpkins
  • construction paper
  • stick or bottle glue
  • scissors
  • old magazines or newspapers
optional decorations
  • googly eyes
  • beads
  • pipe cleaners

You will need to take your construction paper and cut out "pumpkin"(orange) shapes and the stems(green), then glue stems to back of pumpkins
I worked on this part while she cut out eyes, noses, and mouths from magazines.
This seemed to keep her busy and also reduce her glue use. LOL

Once everything is cut out, we decided to see how silly we could make them. The point was to not "match" eyes, nose, and mouth that typically looked normal. The funkier the better...and cuter.

After you allow them to dry, you can glue to a solid sheet of construction paper or use them individually however you like.
A fun idea is to use them as cards for friends. Write a spooky message on the back and give them out.

Here are a few we made. They turned out so silly and the little really had fun deciding which eyes or nose to add to which pumpkin.
You can always use different colors or make your pumpkins into different shapes.

I hope you enjoyed our quick craft. Be sure to check out our other craft ideas
If you are looking for some spooky books for your littles, be sure to check out my post here
Enjoy and Happy Halloween! Be sure to share your ideas or post pics if you try our craft!

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