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September 3, 2018

What's That Quote? #22 ( Dreams)

"Is a dream the ultimate freedom, or the ultimate prison?"
Buffi Neal
(Wonderfully Dysfunctional)

Today's quote came from a book I recently read. 
Wonderfully Dysfunctional: It Must Be Genetic
I have to say this book is definitely one of my favorites, and it will be one that really sticks with me.
You can read more about it and also my review over at A Novel Experience
I really hope you do. This book is full of wonderful quotes. The kind that really make you think.

  One of the reasons I chose this quote is because it asks us a question. It makes you think about how we perceive things differently. When I think of this quote I see it as "eyes wide open" dreams, not the sound asleep sort of dreams.
I really have been in a place where I am starting to wonder myself. Even before this quote came up.
Am I holding on to a dream so hard that I am imprisoned? A lot of days it feels exactly like that! I have these dreams, and I can't see any way for them to become a reality. Every day seems to be taking me farther from what I dream about. Every day that my life changes. My bank account gets smaller, my children grow older, circumstances keep changing(not in my favor), my own life...keeps going. Day and day and I am no closer to my dream.
So, am I trapped, imprisoned in this dream that most possibly will never be a reality?

I truly believe in dreaming. It is what gives us hope. It keeps us going. If we didn't have hope, goals, DREAMS, what would be the point in looking forward to tomorrow? I get that! I really do. I want my daughters to know that it is okay to dream. I completely encourage them to chase every one they have.
I don't want them to let anyone or anything stop them from chasing their own dreams and passions.
I just don't want them to feel this weight of imprisonment that may come with it.
Dreams shouldn't hurt. They shouldn't make us feel stuck or helpless, or even hopeless!

I want them to light up from the inside out and have that gorgeous smile that they can't contain when they think about their dreams, or talk about them. I want them to feel freedom when they dream.
I don't want them to look and feel like I do when someone mentions my dreams. The saddened look of...yea, maybe, someday...
All the while I'm crumbling inside. Thinking, knowing. Telling myself, "It's not gonna happen. Just smile and move on."
I hate that feeling. I hate that I can't even think about it or talk about it without feeling completely crushed on the inside.
I still have some hope. I know that God has a plan for me...I'm just completely blind to what that is at the moment. I will still dream. I will pray that God sees a way to show me where I am supposed to be.
I will be thankful for my blessings and try to let my dreams be my freedom.

I would love to hear how you take this quote! That is one of the main reasons I do these, "What's That Quote?" posts! I want to know how someone else sees or interprets the same quote.
Happy Monday! 

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