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September 10, 2018

What's That Quote? #23(Summer into Fall)

" And all at once, Summer collapsed into Fall."
Oscar Wilde

I have to admit, I have not read anything written by Mr. Wilde. I do know of many of his book titles, but honestly just haven't given any a try.
I'm not big into poetry, it just isn't my thing. And, I suppose, I've just not really had any interest in picking up any of his books.
I am however familiar with several of his quotes, mainly through Goodreads or other book-ish websites I use.
I find them witty and timeless.
I found this one particularly fitting today.

Here is grand ole Ohio, we literally went from weeks and weeks of  HOTT, dry days well above 80*F by 11am, to waking up to a flood warning, rain, rain, more rain, and thunderstorms with temps barely reaching a high of 68*F today. We are on day 3 of this downpour and it doesn't look like it will be letting up anytime soon.
I even caught a glimpse of some potential hurricane and high wind storms in the next few days due to everything moving farther north and inland.
So, yes, all at once summer has collapsed into fall!
I did quickly check my local ten day forecast, and it seems we may get a glimpse of what is left of this summer in the next week. Per Ohio, our chances are slim!
I'm not ready!
I am not one of those,... Ooooh, hoodies, flannels, bonfires, and all things pumpkin spice kind of girls. I am always cold, or cold if it is under 80*F and some people decide to crank the A/C down to 66 or so.
I want cook outs, pool parties, movie at the park, summer festivals, bikinis, and sunglasses!
I was not made for Fall or Winter.
I am 5' and pushing 110lbs. I have anemia and I need heat! Sunshine and blistering warmth!
I need Summer to hold out...just a little while longer!

I do love a good thunderstorm. That is, on the days when we can stay inside, snuggle up, be lazy, read a good book or watch an old movie, drink a cup of hot coffee and enjoy it. Not on the days when we have to venture out and be productive in the outside world!
In my perfect world, thunderstorms would only happen on weekends when we have nothing major planned, between the months of April and September.
The storms would happen after 7/8pm when we are already home and done with the majority of our day, and they would last all night long. I always sleep the best during thunderstorms.
The temperature would slowly began to rise with the sunrise and slowly dry out throughout the day.
You my perfect forecast world.
I know, crazy...but that's how I would have it.
I'm just not ready for Fall. This whole year has flown by way too fast. I feel like I have jet lag from trying to cram all our Summer adventures into the last few weeks.
Between back to school happening earlier every year, sports, birthdays, holidays, and the rest of my crazy life, it is just too fast!

How is the weather where you are? 
Are you ready for Fall? 
Do you welcome it or are you clinging to Summer like me?

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