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September 24, 2018

What's That Quote? #24(Just Keep Swimming)

What's That Quote Monday

Oh, Monday!
Per the norm, I am struggling today! I feel like each Monday is getting harder for me to get back to any sort of routine. Every weekend is anticipated and then rushed through. I need a break, a re-boot...

"Just Keep Swimming..."

This smart little fish knows what I am talking about!
Some days that is all I can do! And, I have to admit, it isn't just Mondays. Why should they take all the heat?
It could be a crappy Wednesday or the longest Friday in months. I really have no idea anymore. Most of the time, I'm not completely sure what day it is...
My life is like a big snowball rolling through life getting more and more chaotic each day. I am so overwhelmed, drained, and out of it; I'm not entirely sure how I'm still functioning!
Well, that isn't true. I do know how!
My God! Literally!
He gives me strength every day to keep swimming. To keep going in this crazy life.
He always gives me exactly what I need for the day. Whether it be more energy, more quiet time, more nourishment, or more patience. He knows, and he provides. It may not seem like it in the moment. But, at the end of my day when I reflect on all that I have accomplished, or when I wake up ready to do it all again. Whatever that day is going to bring, I know He is there and will provide. He will get me through.

A few of my current struggles, or things I have been dealing with lately are, my husband being unemployed for over two months, trying to juggle our bills and watching our savings disappear quickly. Our second daughter had a concussion from a volleyball accident on august 23rd and she is still suffering from headaches(also, still no health insurance). She is in her first year of high school, so that means homecoming and parade are quickly, money.
We've also had three deaths in our family in the last eight days. My sister's mother-in-law, a dear family friend, and a cousin that had failing health for years. I also have two cousins and my best friend going through high risk pregnancies.
This is on top of all my other, everyday struggles. Especially, with my anxiety.
I just keep swimming...

I know each one of us has our own challenges. Everyone's are different and we each deal with them differently.
What we may think, "Oh.That's nothing!" could be a huge struggle for someone else.
I know, I've said it myself.
I try very hard not to down play someone's struggles. I know what it feels like. I know what it is like to feel completely overwhelmed and feel like no one understands. or worse, no one cares.
Just keep swimming, but you don't have to swim alone.
Remember there is always someone who will do a few laps with you and if you need to; get out of the water! Take a break and then jump back in!

Happy Monday Y'all!

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