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October 29, 2018

What's That Quote? #26 (Be a Pineapple)

Good Morning on this chilly Monday!
I hope everyone had a fun, Fall filled weekend!
I'm still not digging these cold temps. It only makes me yearn even more for Spring!
Can we just skip Winter?....

All this cold has me thinking more and more about what I love and miss about warmer, sunnier days!
One thing is all the fresh produce! My garden, and...fruit!
Pineapples specifically. They are my favorite!
So, sweet and crisp.

Today's quote popped up on my Pinterest a while back and I, of course had to "pin" it for later.
It seemed fitting for today.

I am focusing more on my own family, myself, what works for us, and having the confidence to make OUR lives what we truly want.
We all needed to step back, regroup, and refocus on our goals. I refuse to let my life pass by, while trying to please others and also help others while my husband, children, and myself suffer.

I don't want to sound selfish or bitter. I am just physically, mentally, and spiritually exhausted from living a life that is
This is not the life I want.
I have come to a place where my purpose, my being has been reawakened and I can no longer justify or excuse settling or placing myself on the back burner.
I cannot continue to go day in and day out miserable.

Stand Tall!
I will push myself to have the confidence to be ME!
To thrive and pursue my own life!

Wear a Crown!
I will remind myself, that I AM SOMEONE IMPORTANT!
My needs, wants, hopes, and dreams are just as important as others.

Be Sweet on the Inside!
I am actually a very loving person. I hope that I am sweet.
but, sweet does not have to mean allowing myself to be used, or pushed over for others.

Be a Pineapple
Stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside!

October 15, 2018

What's that Quote? #25 (Let go of negative thoughts)

Monday, Monday...
We meet again!

I know I haven't been around much the past few weeks. It has been rough around here.
We have had 5 deaths in the last five weeks. We are coping and trying to get by.
It has really kicked my anxiety into it's own universe! I've been a hot mess for so many reasons that I just needed to have a really good meltdown. Get it out and get over it!
Today, I am starting anew.
I am determined to try my hardest to maintain my sanity and what normalcy I can amidst all!

"Let go of thoughts that don't make you strong."

I am so tired of letting thoughts, things get me down!
Like the saying goes...
I am sick and tired of being sick and tired!
Seriously, it is exhausting!

I tend to let every little set back or snag get me so down.
I sit and think,
"Well, you should have known that would happen."
"What did you expect?"
"Why did you think that would work?"

I hate sounding so bitter and self destructive, but that is usually how I am. #truestory

I hate that I do that and I hate how it feels.
Why am I so hard on myself?
It probably has something to do with a regressed childhood trauma... who knows. I don't have the money or insurance to dig into that one at the moment.

For now, I have me and God. We talk, we'll figure this one out.
Today, I am focusing on my positive vibes and what I CAN accomplish! What I know I have strength in. What I know I can succeed at!
Today, I am going to let go of the thoughts that don't make me strong!

I hope you will do the same.
What do you do to let go of the thoughts?
How do you focus on the positive?
Share any thoughts or stories.
Happy Monday!

October 7, 2018

4 in 1 Printable Worksheet:Shapes Great for preschool

I love free printable!

Hi, y'all. I hope everyone is enjoying this glorious day!

The little and I may take some time to enjoy the outdoors today. We both deserve it.
My little has been working super hard this past week.
Letters, shapes, worksheets, chalkboard work, flashcards.
We've been dabbling in a little of a lot!
You know how it is, they have the attention span of hyena on his third Snickers bar!
Well, my kid does anyway.

I wanted to find something that I could use for a multitude of lessons!
Or at least something that I felt gave her enough work to keep her doing more than five minutes of school time, and also actually engaged her enough that she was learning.

I can't count how many worksheets we have done on the letter A.
Say A. Trace letter A. Find all the As in the hidden puzzle. A flashcard. Write A on the chalkboard.
Over and over... and you know what?
She STILL cannot identify A by itself. UGGH!
We She is struggling with this one!
We'll get back to A next week!

So, I finally found this page that is totally free to print out over @Erin-specialeducation
It is actually part of a shapes series, but I just wanted the one sheet.
You can always look through and choose what you need.

I knew I was going to use this worksheet in several ways.
I wanted to create a lesson that gave her a few ways to learn from it.
(I printed several copies)

I am calling this 

4 in 1 worksheet

For us and most, that is the first thing they need to learn.
What is the name of each shape?
This worksheet is made so that the shapes are drawn with dotted lines perfect for tracing each shape!
We used a crayon on one and pencil on another
3. Color
The color key at the top is great to teach them a pattern or to follow instructions.
Only squares are yellow, etc.
4.Cut & Glue
The dotted lines used for tracing also work great to encourage cutting along the line.
This was wonderful practice for scissor control.
We then glued all the shapes onto a piece of construction paper.
Do it randomly or make a pattern!

I am so happy with all she took away from this one worksheet!
4 lessons, 1 sheet= happy momma!

To add a cute little book to your shapes lesson, check on the link below:

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