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February 24, 2020

Crocheted Reusable Swiffer Covers

Hey Y'all.
I wanted to get this post written and posted a month ago!
I have been super busy crocheting like crazy! Yes! Production!
Always a good thing!

I won't go into too much here. I wanted to focus this post on the incredible...
Machine Washable!(I have used and washed mine 6 times already)
Amazing Swiffer Covers.
I have also seen them called "Swoofers" "Sweepers" and "Swifter" so how ever you search or choose to refer to them...THEY ARE AMAZING!

 Check out these before and after pics!

Here is the link to the fastest, and easiest pattern I have found:
Ravelry: Swoofer Pattern
There are several if you surf around the internet, but I like to live the "fast, simple, functional" life!
Be sure to share and link back.
I would love to see our pattern, product...and definitely before and after pics!
They really do work great!

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