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June 29, 2020

Life Updates: A bit of everything

Here I am yet again trying to figure out what to do with this blog!
I keep telling myself, this is the year I get serious about it. This time I will be more committed. This time I will set aside time solely to write and keep my posts updated. This time...
I will use those affiliate links
I will learn to make money from it
I will be more organized
I will start my weekly posts back up, and stick with it
I will share more
I will learn more...
The hard truth is, my life is still a series of chaotic events/days
Some days, I feel like I am spinning in circles.
Some days I have 10 projects, chores going at once
Some days, my mind is a blank or I forgot to edit pics
Some days the topic doesn't seem relevant.
I know, I know. I am all over the place.

So, if you are still reading...
Here are a few of our major events...that I had hoped to actually blog about in separate posts, all nice, neat and organized...
Maybe I will get there one day.

I tried doing the crochet "business" thing for awhile...
That kind of fizzled out due to warmer weather, COVID-19, and all the changes.
I honestly just kind of burnt myself out with it. I get super excited about a project, jump in head first, then immediately psych myself out, overthink everything and flop! Or atleast that's how I feel.

I am also trying to keep up with my reading challenge for the year. I am usually so dedicated to it. I really push myself. I started out with a goal of 125 books, that has been reduced to 100, since it is now the end of June and I am only on 25 books.
But, I have read some really good ones that I am hoping to blog review soon.

In December...I became a MEMAW!!!
True story! And THAT didn't even get a blog post!!!
I told you I have no time or organization!
So our Saunter Rose was born December 14!
I am mind blown that she is almost 7 months old already!!!
She can almost sit up unassisted, she says momma and dadda, holds her own bottle and is obsessed with her feet!
So much cuteness!
I can't describe how it feels...
Such an amazing blessing, all kinds of new fears
Especially with all the world is going through at the moment!

I just pray every day, God, give us peace and strength. I don't know what any of our futures will be like. It is definitely a terrifying time to be alive.
I won't get into all the topics, but I will say, I wholeheartedly believe my God has a plan and my faith is in Him alone!
I will try my best to keep everyone much as I can.
Blessed be each of you!

We got CHICKENS!!!
Stay tuned for those posts too!