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July 7, 2020

Our Little Backyard Homestead


I have been wanting to write this post for a few years now.
So, I am just going to jump in and get it going. We'll figure out together where it will end!

Meet the family and our back story:

My husband and I have 3 daughters and now 1 granddaughter.
We have been married 23 years next month.
Our life together has been full of hopes, dreams, wishes, prayers, and so, so many blessings!
One of our dreams and goals is to have our own farm!
That isn't exactly an easy goal. It wasn't something either of us even talked about or considered when we first met. We didn't even know how badly we wanted it until about 10 years ago.

We come from completely different backgrounds.

 He was an Air Force brat, moving all over the country, on base, off base, in many different environments. He was the city kid, the jock. He also was raised to buy new. the newest, best, biggest.
Why fix it when you can just go get a new....whatever?(Except for cars)
I still haven't figured that one out. LOL

I was raised in the same house my entire life. I went to the same school up until 10th grade.
Although, I too was raised in the city, I came from the country(not the south) and YES, there is a difference!
I spend every summer in Kentucky. I was raised to save, reuse, recycle, and nothing goes to waste.
"Waste not, want not"~Darrell Halcomb

One thing my husband and I have learned is that we make an amazing team.
There is plenty of giving and taking.
We both have a great list of skills under our belts to actually make our dream lifestyle workable.
It has been a learning and growing process.
We don't have all the answers and we too are learning every day.

Jumping along...I'm not the novelist in the family.

Here we are today.

We are enjoying our "micro backyard homestead"
While we are hunting for our own home, we are using what we have.
We have a garden.
We have our chickens.
We are learning more about reusing materials we have and are actively preparing to can and preserve what we grow(and buy)
Hard work, education, budgeting, and faith are where we are right now.
For us, it is a huge step.
I'm not saying we are going to move off-grid or be super self-sufficient, but we are making our lives better for us.
It definitely is a family "business".
All hands on deck

We live with .16 acres!
That is point 1/6 of an acre
in the city(yea...that is a whole other post)

Our garden is roughly 15ft x8ft
We also have a lettuce bed/box for greens and salads
and tons of pots(or coffee cans) for herbs and extra plants

Our chicken coop and run is 8ft x 4ft and houses our 7 pullets
plus the "infirmary" that is a dog cage(2ft x4ft)

We have about 100 jars for canning in our cold cellar room, some full, some ready to be filled.

A few of our other skills include:
car mechanics
plumbing(learn as you go..I mean grow)
small electric
landscaping(not so much me)..I fear the weed eater like the plague!
candle making
and we can add Avian vet to our list of skills! LOL
ok, may be not yet.

We have some great kids who are privileged to join us on the adventures.
We do make them work hard!
We also let them play because your "homestead" should always be enjoyed!

So, whatever you choose to call it, homesteading, backyard gardening, micro-farming, living semi-off-grid
We love it!
We are continuing to grow and be blessed every day!
I hope you will keep visiting and enjoy in watching our adventures and our family grow!

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