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September 22, 2020

Short I Word Families ~ Classroom Poster/Decor

 Happy Tuesday!

I know for me this week is creeping by! I was not ready for the weather change. 

I always try to drag out and hold on to summer as long as possible. We try to fill up every day with fun activities and enjoy the sunny days.

Although we all have to stop and work, I try to make that fun too.

Even in the classroom. My "work" this week consisted of working on a Fall lesson and getting another word family poster made up. We've moved on to the short I words.

My daughter actually did super well with short E words so we moved ahead quicker than I had planned.

I guess I need to catch up with her and get these posters done!

I now have available over on TeacherspayTeachers, three of the word family posters.

Short A, E, and now I families.

Short A Words Poster 

Short E Words Poster

Short I Words Poster

More to come! Keep watching and check out the other items available in my "shop" to download.

Happy Teaching!

September 15, 2020

Short E Word Families ~Poster/Classroom Decor



It's been a busy week already, and it's only Tuesday!

I seriously am loving working with CANVA

There are so many fun ways to make up great classroom posters and wall decor!

Everything is so easy to customize. I am super excited to start decorating our "classroom" once we get moved.

I am still working on getting all the short vowel word family posters made up and decorated for our room.

If you missed our first set of 6 posters(Short A Word family), jump over here to download your posters.

Short A Word Family

Click the following link to get your copy of Short E Word Family Posters

This is a 3-page packet that focuses on 

-ed, -et, -and -en word families

I hope you enjoy them.

I'd love to see them displayed and be sure to comment anything your classroom is missing.

I'd love inspirations!

September 12, 2020

Short A Word Families~ Posters/Classroom Decor

 Good Morning Y'all!

I have been burning up my computer searching, learning, and making resources for homeschooling!

The internet truly is amazing! How did we survive without it?

How in the world did all those mommas teach the simplest lessons without all the amazing, at your fingertips resources we so easily take for granted?

I struggle daily to figure out where to begin!

What is the fastest, easiest, and most cost-efficient way to fill my child's brain with knowledge?

I know we could all use any help we can get.

I am still amazed at how fast I caught on to using CANVA

It really is a great tool. I can totally customize pretty much anything I need.

Worksheets, posters, schedule templates, teacher notes, diagrams...

The list could be endless. (I'm still working on it) and finding new ways to use it!

I wanted to share my latest creation with all of you!

These were super fun to make and as soon as the first page came spitting out of the printer, my daughter grabbed it up and commented on the fun pictures and began reading the words aloud!

This is a 6 pack that you can download and print right at home! I have done the work for you!

Short A Word Families

Click Link to Find ALL 6 Pages

I hope you will take a look around my little shop and keep checking back for more!

September 10, 2020

"I can write my name" Printable Lined Paper for beginner writers



Wow! I cannot believe we are already into September!

I know this year has been a trial for all of us. Our littles included.

How are yours changing the way they are learning?
I know we have made a ton of changes around here.
If you've been following me for a while, you know that we did a year of preschool homeschooling back in 2017 and 18.
It was definitely a learning experience for us both.
I can say that I learned so much about schedules, techniques, and found so many wonderful free resources!
There are thousands of moms, educators, and child care workers who put in so many, so many hours of work. All so that people like us have easy access to materials for us to provide an education for our children at home.

We decided to go ahead with a traditional public school for kindergarten.

She did really well learning so much. She learned all the important basics for her age and grade level. I am forever grateful to her teacher.

I honestly didn't realize how much she had actually absorbed into that little brain until I started homeschooling her again going into first grade.

This kid is amazing! I may be biased.

I wanted to jump in and give a tiny bit of help to all these mommas out there searching for help. I finally found a free program that I can manage to navigate.

I have been using CANVA

It has a free version and also a paid premium one.

I admit I haven't upgraded my account yet, but with all the amazing choices to work within designing so much, I'm sure I will make the change soon. I admittedly am not at all tech-savvy so it took me a bit to figure some things out.

They actually added a whole section for "school templates" which has made it so much easier!

Here are a few FREE printables I made.

These are easily converted from png to jpeg for printing.

Please take these freebies and keep following. I am hoping to get more printable made up and posted.

I made these easy for the kindergarten level just playing around. Now, I am excited to move on and make up a few first-grade worksheets.

Stay tuned!