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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Short E Word Families ~Poster/Classroom Decor



It's been a busy week already, and it's only Tuesday!

I seriously am loving working with CANVA

There are so many fun ways to make up great classroom posters and wall decor!

Everything is so easy to customize. I am super excited to start decorating our "classroom" once we get moved.

I am still working on getting all the short vowel word family posters made up and decorated for our room.

If you missed our first set of 6 posters(Short A Word family), jump over here to download your posters.

Short A Word Family

Click the following link to get your copy of Short E Word Family Posters

This is a 3-page packet that focuses on 

-ed, -et, -and -en word families

I hope you enjoy them.

I'd love to see them displayed and be sure to comment anything your classroom is missing.

I'd love inspirations!

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