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October 6, 2020

Short O and U Word Family Posters


Hi yall!

I feel like I need to catch up. How is every one's school year going?

Are you keeping pace? Falling behind? Feel like each day is an adventure?

I sure do!

If you are like me, you're still new and trying to figure out what works best for your child/student.

I have learned my daughter is a visual learner. She likes the songs, games, and posters! Big, flashy, grab your attention kind of things!

That means part of my job is to find lots of colorful worksheets, youtube videos that go with her lesson, and to find, er...create lots of great posters and flashcards to keep her engaged.

Canva is a great resource for making semi-easy material.

Each time I use it, I find a new way to enhance my project. It really is neat.

Here are the latest two short vowel posters I have made.

Short O Word Family Poster

Short U Word Family Poster

If you'd like to purchase the whole short vowel family as a bundle, you can and save!

Vowels A,E,I,O,U Bundle and Save

This week we are focusing on money, coins, and the silent E.

I am super excited to get to work on more material!

Make sure to keep checking back for more great resources!

Happy Teaching!