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April 26, 2021

Do people still Blog?

 Hey y'all.

I really am struggling.

Does anyone really blog anymore?

I have been trying really hard to keep this blog going and make it work.

I'm really not sure where this blog, or even this post is going, so bear with me.

I have had this blog a few years now and I keep hoping it will take off. It hasn't happened yet.

I have tried to post, edit, ad pics, add ads....

I tried to work on my niche, topics, posts...

I've read, read, and re-read all the ways to make this blog popular and profitable. I joined all the Facebook groups where all the pros hang out and show you how to have your views soar!

Obviously, that is not working.

I will never be a Pro-Blogger.

I am just me, struggling to get something, some days anything wrote and posted.

The internet is ever-changing and I cannot keep up with all techy stuff.

I can't edit a photo to be the perfect, clickable pin.
I cannot afford to hire someone to make my website more appealing.
I tried Google ads.
I tried affiliates.
I am just not good at any of it.
I'm lucky to make $1.50 in 2/3 months!
June is the month for my domain renewal.
Less than 2 months to decide where this is going.
I honestly cannot say.
Yes, I have put a lot and a few years into it, but I can't keep paying the price with no return.
I hate the idea of losing my "name" and my domain.
I am hoping to figure something out soon.
Please, just hang on with me.
Thanks to those that do still jump on here to read.